Why You Should Pay More Attention to Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

June 12, 2019

Dry Bar Comedy has shaken things up. It has had an almost meteoric impact on the world of online comedy, managing to launch the careers of many new comedians or to rekindle those of the veterans.

So it wasn’t just a fad because the platform continues to grow. That’s not something to ignore.

Which is why in the following article, we’ll give you a few reasons why you should pay more attention to the Dry Bar success story because it may very well have an impact on your event.

With this online craze, many comedy veterans are once again in the spotlight.  Also, fresh amazing comedians have come to build a career for themselves.

It’s a great time for corporate comedy, and it’d be a loss not to fructify this opportunity. That is why featured a set of comedians with massive appeal and an online presence to match it.

Be sure to check them out as we’re convinced you’ll find a perfect match for your events!

It’s The Fastest Growing Comedy Platform on the Internet

A few years ago, Netflix, Hulu, or Comedy Central were the dominant forces for online comedy content. That was until 2017 when VidAngel launched a new online app called Dry Bar Comedy – which aimed at innovating online comedy by making it free and easily accessible to anyone.

Fast-forward until today, and it’s evident this strategy paid off, as the platform has over 20 million weekly views across all social media platforms.

Due to this surge in popularity, it helped to introduce many comedians to online audiences, which wouldn’t usually attend a comedy show.

Clean Comedy Acts from Dry Bar Comedy that You Need to See

One such comedian was Mark Christopher Lawrence, who managed to attract many viewers through his charismatic and joyous persona.

Dry Bar Comedy, Mark Christopher Lawrence

Your No.1 Source of Clean Comedy

It’s no secret Dry Bar Comedy’s material consists of 100% clean comedy. This is owed to the fact that clean comedy sells; it’s easy to absorb, and it doesn’t step on anyone’s toes. So that’s why many top comedians are turning towards it.

Nowadays, the platform has grown to have an exhaustive roster of comedians, and each one of them is fit for corporate audiences.

Among the many comedians featured on the platform, we suggest paying attention to Cash Levy. He is among the best comedians in the business; a veteran of the entertainment industry, with over 21 years of on-stage experience to back him up.

 Cash Levy

He began his career by doing comedy shows on small local stages and slowly made his way onto becoming a headlining act.

Nowadays, he’s one of the most featured comedians from Dry Bar Comedy, having dozens of skits on the platform and even an entire comedy show.

Showcases the Hottest Comedians in the Game

Dry Bar’s platform serves as a great source to discover which comedians are going to be “the talk of the town.” What you should be looking out for is the latest roster of comedians that are going to be featured in 2019.

Through the app or their tour page, you can see which comedians are going to be featured in the upcoming shows.

One big name on the list is Taylor Mason, who’s a heavyweight of the entertainment industry. It’s hard, to sum up, Taylor’s career in one sentence.

He has a long history of performing shows across the entire U.S., and throughout the years, he has dabbled into numerous styles of entertainment.  Blending observational humor, music and ventriloquism, Taylor Mason presents hilarious comedy that connects people thru those things that bond us: laughter, music, magic and the shared experience of something special, original and unforgettable.

Nowadays, he’s performing with the same fervor as he did when he first started performing clean comedy almost 30 years ago and he can be found performing on cruise ships, conferences and corporate events.

Tom Mabe

Tom Mabe is a comedian with over 15 years of experience. Throughout his entire career, he has been hailed as a “comic superhero” by many news outlets from across the entire U.S.

His claim to fame comes from his unique style of comedy, which proved to be an instant click with American audiences. His subject matter has been credited for being innovative, demonstrating that thinking outside the box always has its merits.

During his shows, he tells stories about lousy customer service experience, he teaches people how to deal with telemarketers and even goes in depth to explain the role of junk mail in our lives.

Nowadays, he’s gaining much attention online, his YouTube channel has almost a million subscribers, and he’s a regular on Dry Bar Comedy – telling jokes for the entire world to enjoy!

Also, if you’re curious to watch on his performances, then click the following video:

Kellen Erskine

Kellen Erskine is a comedian with high ambitions and with a set of skills to match them. He’s the brainy type, meticulously crafting his jokes and taking the time to hype up the audience.

His career began with him playing small comedy shows in venues across the entire country. So people came to appreciate his sarcastic remarks and razor-sharp sense of humor.

Kellen is still a young comedian and judging by the way things are going, his career only seems to be going upwards.

So much, that in only a few years, Kellen has risen to become one of the most appreciated comedians in the online space. His stand-up shows performed on Conan and Jimmy Kimmel are very popular on YouTube.

However, perhaps his real highlights are the skits performed on Dry Bar which have hundreds of thousands of views and rising, goes to show people can’t seem to get enough of him.

Be sure to check out one of his latest performances from Dry Bar Comedy. You can start by clicking the following video:

Leanne Morgan

Leanne is a comedienne who has conquered American audiences with her mom-like sense of humor and lovable stage persona.

During her shows, Leanne goes on to tell stories from her conquest through motherhood and the constant struggle of having to keep a house, children and to still find time to get her hair done.

This level of honesty has garnered her much respect from viewers, which came to appreciate her light style of humor.

Throughout her career, Leanne has gone on to perform on a lot of high profile television shows. A few notable examples would be her appearances on Dr. Phil and numerous cooking shows along Paula Deen.

Nowadays, she’s one of the most featured comedians from Dry Bar. She has more than a handful of skits on the platform, and each of them gets hundreds of thousands of views.

You can watch one of her recent clean comedy performances here:

David Crowe

A 20 year veteran of the comedy stage, David Crowe’s clean comedy acts have been featured on Comedy Central, Bob&Tom Radio, SiriusXM, Pandora and more.

Not only that, but Dave has also performed at hundreds of corporate and private events across the United States and Canada.

And he’s not slowing down!

Armed with a gallery of facial expressions and his utterly captivating charisma, David managed to stand out on Dry Bar where he dazzled the audience with his signature feel-good humor.

In the clip below, you can watch him do a surprising bit on the advantages of marrying an anesthesiologist.

This is one of those performances that will instantly put a smile on your face! Take a look:

Moody McCarthy

Moody McCarthy’s sharp comedy mind has helped him build a reputation as one of the most talented and most clever entertainers in the industry today.

He’s known for skillfully poking fun at everyday reality, as well as his flawless joke delivery.
So it’s no coincidence Moody has appeared on many television shows including Comcast’s “Comedy Spotlight,” The CBS

Morning Show, ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live and NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”

On Dry Bar, he stayed true to his unique brand of humor and delivered performances which are incredibly relatable, witty and 100% funny. However, don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s a clip from one of his performances which had the audience laughing out loud.

All Eyes on Dry Bar Comedy

The platform is here to stay, and there’s no sign whatsoever it’s going to go anywhere anytime soon, which means clean comedy is only going to become more popular.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and be sure to book the best entertainment for your show.

These amazing comedians are a perfect fit for modern audiences. So their recent successes on Dry Bar prove that they’re absolutely on top of the game!  So if you’re looking to spruce up your next event with an act which is both clean and will leave guests rolling in the aisles, you now have some great options to choose from.

If you want to work with a professional talent agency when it comes to booking the comedians, feel free to give us a call at (615) 283-0039. Let’s work together to bring the best entertainment on stage at your event.

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