The Best Comedy Shows on Dry Bar Comedy Right Now

Comedy Shows Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

November 27, 2020

Are you in the mood for laughs? We have got you covered!

Everyone should watch Dry Bar Comedy from time to time, the comedy on the platform is always exciting, and it’ll make people’s day a lot better.

However, if you’re unsure where to start or what’s the “hottest thing” on the platform, then we’re glad to help you out.   In the list below, we’ve included 9 comedy specials that you can watch right now and which are sure to tickle your funny bone.

In the following article, we made a shortlist of stand-up comedy shows that viewers really appreciated and are definitely worth your time.   Sure, our funny bones are all built a little differently, as we don’t all have the same sense of humor. However, there should be enough variety in this list to satisfy many different tastes.

So, let’s dive right in!

Church Is Too Long – Keith Stubbs

In showbiz and entertainment, Keith Stubbs is known as a “triple threat” – meaning he’s a hilarious stand-up comedian, a talented actor, and an award-winning radio personality.

In his Dry Bar comedy special “Church Is Too Long,” Stubbs makes a hilarious and compelling case for why there should be the option to attend church online. Given that he created his material before the 2020 pandemic hit, his show is not only extremely funny but also, dare we say, visionary?

An Accidental Arrest – Rik Roberts

An Accidental Arrest is a funny story told by comedian Rik Roberts. It has gotten a lot of attention on Dry Bar as Rik’s comedy special was recently released.

In this story, Rik tells the audience how he pulled over a cop for reckless driving. And if you think the premise is already ridiculous, then wait until you hear the entire story.

Frantic, upbeat, and high-energy, these are the words that best describe a guy like Rik Roberts. He’s a very intrepid performer, seemingly tireless on stage, as hours would pass and Rik wouldn’t even break a sweat in his comedy shows.

All this vitality comes from Rik’s passion for comedy and storytelling – combining them to create an experience filled with incredible moments.

The South’s Idea of Geography – JJ Barrows

Born and bred with southern manners, JJ Barrows is an artist, writer, and stand-up comedian known for her unique charm and humor.

In her Dry Bar Comedy special, JJ Barrows shares her take on why the south doesn’t always get it right when it comes to geography, why you shouldn’t be afraid of getting older, and other relatable topics that are sure to keep you laughing.

How Men Think – Steve Geyer

In this stand-up routine, comedian Steve Geyer tells the truth about what men are thinking of most of the time, and he concludes that it’s not that complicated.

His story is a funny foray into the awkward situations that he’s been through in his marriage – told from his perspective.

Steve’s comedy shows hit close to home for everyone married or in a long-term relationship, and they can relate to the fact that it is an adventure.

Catch the entire comedy show at the following link:

Being Disabled Has Its Perks – Josh Blue

Josh Blue was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) when he was just one year old.  Now in his thirties, the comedian considers CP a regular, normal part of his everyday existence. What’s more, Blue regularly pokes fun at his condition in stand-up routines.

In one of his Dry Bar Comedy shows called “Being Disabled Has Its Perks,” Blue looks at the glass half-full of having CP – while breaking down stereotypes surrounding people with disabilities one sarcastic, thought-provoking joke at a time.

All Mice Go to Heaven – Jeff “Big Daddy” Wayne

You probably would never have thought that mouse traps could be the topic of a comedy show. Jeff ”Big Daddy” Wayne is here to prove to you that it can.

Jeff kicks off his Dry Bar Comedy special with a ridiculous story about how he went to Home Depot to buy a mousetrap, only to find that there’s an entire science behind these contraptions.

Since its release earlier this month, Jeff’s special has been getting a significant number of views on YouTube – and for good reasons.

From its zany subject matter to Jeff’s slick delivery, it’s a show which will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

Catch it at the following link:

Don’t Be a Regular at Arby’s – Christian Pieper

If you enjoy self-deprecating humor mixed in with a hearty dose of sarcasm, then you will most likely enjoy “Don’t Be a Regular at Arby’s,” one of Christian Pieper’s most popular DryBar comedy shows.

Pieper’s style is mostly observational, and his main topics relate to personal image, eating, laziness, weight gain, and relationships.

Finding a Wife – Nazareth

Finding the right person can be difficult, as Nazareth found out. In his Dry Bar Comedy special, he tells the audience about when he was looking for a partner to start a relationship.

It turned out that it was more difficult than Nazareth had anticipated, with him having to put his trust in a higher power so that things might work out in his favor.

In his comedy special, Nazareth touches on many other hilarious and interesting topics, so be sure to watch it in full at the following link:

Scooby-Doo Dad – Dwight Slade

If a good impression makes you crack up every time, then you need to check out Dwight Slade’s Dry Bar Comedy show as soon as possible.

The show features one of Slade’s comic specialties – the Scooby-Doo dad impressions – which is sure to cheer you up right away.

Winner of the Boston Comedy Festival and the Seattle International Comedy Competition, Slade has a delivery that resembles Jim Carey and a child-like sense of unpredictability, which makes you instantly like him.

Like Comedy Shows?  You’ll Love Dry Bar Comedy!

Hopefully, the specials we recommended in this article have opened up your appetite for high-quality comedy.  Dry Bar gives us a glimpse of how impactful clean comedy can be for the audience.

If you have any upcoming events, then we can help you bring them to the same level of humor and professionalism as seen on Dry Bar.

If that’s the case and you are looking for even more options to keep you laughing, then be sure also to check out this article for more recommendations.  Be sure to give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly help you turn your event into an unforgettable experience.

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