Popular Entertainers from Dry Bar Comedy that Audiences Love

Entertainers Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

August 22, 2021

Dry Bar Comedy is one of the world’s fastest-growing comedy networks and the best place to discover new entertainers.

It’s also a great place to discover new comedians or get reacquainted with comics you may have loved in the past but who are no longer on your radar today.

Keep reading to get to know five popular entertainers you can watch online on the platform right now.

1. Kabir Singh

Born in Portland, Oregon, Kabir Singh is a high-energy stand-up comedian who often pulls from his experience growing up in a stereotypical Indian family to create witty, crowd-pleasing material.

The cultural clashes which come with being an Indian American in America are generously represented in Kabir’s comedy acts. Another topic Kabir often tackles with his jokes is relationships (or the benefits of not being in one).

For example, in the bit below, Kabir shares his take on why everyone should stay single for as long as they can. Hit play and get ready to get a good laugh in and see one of the best entertainers who went from Dry Bar to America’s Got Talent.

2. Frances Dilorinzo

An international corporate comedian, Frances Dilorinzo is known for her thought-provoking jokes. 

However, she doesn’t refrain from delivering uninhibited physical punchlines either – making her a complex entertainer who can appeal to a wide array of audiences.

Gain a better grasp of her comedy brand and stage presence by checking out the video below from Dry Bar Comedy.

3. Lamuweri Guluka

A stand-up comedian, host of the video game podcast “2 Nerds in a Pod!” and Twitch streamer Lamuweri Guluka swiftly win hearts and increase his fan base.

His debut comedy special called “The First Option” has quickly received over 1M views on social media alone, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Audiences love him for his unique comedic perspective that stems from Lam’s background as a “nerdy, suburban, black male.”

Take a look at his 3-minute bit below titled When Video Games Are Life. This material is incredibly well-written and will help you shape a better understanding of Lam’s style as a comedian.

4. Jeremy Nunes

Jeremy Nunes is frequently referred to as “Comedy’s next great storyteller” thanks to his ability to capture his audiences and direct their attention in whatever direction necessary.

In addition to his unique storytelling style, Jeremy is known for quick-witted observations and the ability to make every performance feel different from the rest by improvising with the audience.

Curious to see him in action? Check out the Dry Bar Comedy video below.

5. Mark Klein

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Mark Klein has over 30 years of experience performing at corporate events, cruise ships, country clubs, and comedy venues throughout the US.

Engaging, captivating, and funny, Mark always delights audiences, be it at a live private event or even through a screen.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out one of his acts captured in the video below and see for yourself.

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