Live Entertainers Make Conference Entertainment Memorable

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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

Live Entertainers Make Conference Entertainment Memorable Are you looking for fresh, memorable conference entertainment for your next corporate event? Are you finding your confidence dwindling that you will be able to find unique entertainment that will entertain and amaze? Memorable entertainment is becoming less and less attainable, unless you know where the greatest collection of pristine entertainment can be found. We have researched, screened and compiled the best of the best for you to select from without the time consuming hassle you would usually encounter. You can be confident that the acts featured here are memorable, unique, fun, inspirational, and the perfect addition to your next special event.

How to Plan Memorable Events with Corporate Entertainment

When hiring entertainers for conferences, it is important to find acts that make people laugh, make people comfortable and make the conference shine. The performers need to be professional, funny and willing to stay on brand. Despite their diverse skills, which range from sand art to ventriloquism, these performers share one thing in common: their dedication to their craft. They are all experienced comedians and storytellers who know how to please an audience.

There certainly are some professional, talented individuals that regularly provide convention entertainment across the states. Some have television, movie, or Internet credits as well. Some have appeared on America’s Got Talent. Having worked at conventions, large parties, and corporate sponsored events, they are an elite group. Below is a few from that elite group of entertainers. Each one has proven their talent.

Convention Entertainment and Conference Entertainment

Joe Castillo is a gifted artist, motivational speaker, and performer. His tells stories through sand art and he uses this unique medium to make his audiences laugh, cry and think. He has performed for major corporations like Apple, Disney and Toyota and has a wealth of experience providing telling stories using sand.

Adam Trent has been described as Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield, and aptly so. He combines high energy dance routines with illusions so fantastic you won’t believe your eyes. But that’s not all. He sings, writes skits, adds a little comedy, and produces his own music too. His fast moving illusions will keep you guessing and wanting more. The injection of comedy he gives to his shows will keep you laughing hard harder than you ever have at a magic show. Then the singing and dancing – he just keeps you on your toes at every turn. He has changed the way that people think of magicians with his invigorating, funny, high-energy performances.

Bob Stromberg delights audiences all over the world with his brand of comedy, which mixes well observed stand up, physical hijinks and hand shadows. He is an ideal conference performer because he understands what such venues require: a seasoned entertainer who connects with the audience and makes the conference look good. Stromberg’s humor, professionalism and passionate devotion to his craft make him stand out from other stand-up comics.

Dana Daniels will infuse any conference with a dash of magic. He is a comedian magician who combines sly wit and incredible tricks to create a show that has delighted audiences everywhere. With the help of his Psychic Parrot Luigi and willing audience members, Daniels makes for perfect conference entertainment.

To ensure a successful conference, hire famed ventriloquist Ken Groves, who has been charming audiences with his act for decades. He is a consummate professional, having performed for companies like the Ford Motor Company and on television programs like ‘The Arsenio Hall Show‘. His act is funny and illuminating without being provocative, making him an excellent candidate for any event.

When Ron Pearson is hired as conference entertainment, he has one goal: make sure everyone has fun. Even if the conference is nearly over and the conference goers are exhausted, Pearson will find a way to make everyone laugh. He is an experienced comedian, having performed on late night television shows, at myriad corporate functions and all the top stand-up clubs. He knows how to entertain every type of audience, from corporate workers to comedy aficionados.

Known as the King of Clean Comedy, Frank King has emceed and entertained at many conventions and corporate events. He got his nickname from having survived a double bypass and two heart valve replacement surgical procedures. Frank features clean comedy, and he has written for several big-name comedians like Jay Leno and Joan Rivers.

AGT Drew Lynch brings it on home in his winning performance at the “America’s Got Talent SemiFinals”, bringing the house down with his routine about having a phone voice that makes him sound like a woman straining to speak through continual bad reception. Drew’s appearance here proves his ability to wring laughs from a serious stutter is absolute comedy gold.

The Bucket Boys are from Chicago who have been performing all over the globe: at corporate events, casinos, Olympic beach volleyball tours, and on the Disney Cruise Line. They have been Illinois State Fair headline entertainment, and they’ve riveted the nation on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” And they’ve played Times Square, India, Dubai, and the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) circuit. The Bucket Boys are ideal for small, intimate venues as well as enormous events with thousands in attendance. And they delight people no matter their ages or backgrounds; the Bucket Boys’ unique combination of music and comedy knows no boundaries.

Taylor Mason delivers a hilarious look at a confrontation pitting his little auto against an oversized vehicle. His method of telling this story, with multiple interjections of observances and character actions, leaves the audience in a constant rumble of laughter. He has a relaxed style but delivers the anger and feelings that we all experience when we are in his same situation.

These performers are all skilled professionals who know how to entertain a crowd. Whether through magic tricks, art, comedy or puppets, these entertainers understand that conference audiences want to laugh and that conference organizers want entertainment that is charming and funny.

Whether you are looking to book entertainment for a Consumer Show, Conclave, Annual General Meeting, or Conference, selecting the performer to bring on the convention comedy is a serious concern. Booking a part-time, local standup comedian will not produce the same results and audience satisfaction as a professional will provide. Hiring an individual with national or international exposure is the best way to ensure that the entertainment will not fall short, and the audience will not fall asleep!

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