Entertainers for Hire with Top Nashville Performers

Entertainers for Hire with Top Nashville Performers

Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

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When you think of Nashville entertainment, the image that probably springs to your mind is a city dominated by country music. It’s not an unfair assumption since some of the greatest country music singers of all time have either called the city home or have been influenced by its vibrant music scene, and if that’s the music you’re looking for, the city will serve you well. However, the pool of Nashville Performers has more to offer than just country music acts. The city is a media epicenter where many forms of entertainment have found a niche to call they are own. If you are looking for a show that’s more about the performance than the music, Nashville has you covered for that as well. Here are five performers that best exhibit the exact scope and talent of what Music City has to offer.

Entertainers for Hire with Top Nashville Performers

Coming up with an appropriate and entertaining act for a corporate event can present itself as a challenge if the coordinator is unable to find a quality performance. Choosing a fantastic performance that will keep guests entertained is the essential component to making your special event or banquet to the next level. Luckily, Music City  is crawling with a full variety of artists, and musicians are making this process a lot simpler. There are many entertainers for hire in Nashville with various talents and outstanding performances just waiting to be a part of the next special event or banquet.

As Nashville was once considered the capital of country music, it has now branched out, offering a wide assortment of tremendous entertainers. From live artists to comedians, there are many Nashville Entertainers worth taking note of. If you are looking for extraordinary entertainment that is sure to please, consider taking a look at these five fantastic performers when planning your next big event!

Top Nashville Performers and Entertainers for Hire

Known for his hilarious and playfully funny stand-up, this charismatic Kentucky native captivates audiences with relatable jokes that hit home. Rik Roberts has been featured on Dry Bar Comedy and BANANAS Comedy show, CMT’s “top 20 redneck moments”, and the “Henry Cho Comedy Show” on Great American Country. Rik Roberts puts on a performance where laid-back meets lively.

If you are looking to bring a little live artistry to your event, Heidi’s live painting skills are top-notch. With digital photography, it’s easier than ever to take boring pictures. Heidi Schwartz can offer you more than mere documentation when she paints your event. With a seemingly effortless flick of the brush, she’ll capture the mood of your gathering in a unique art piece that will say more than any photo. Guests can watch as Heidi paints the event while it is taking place, and after the masterpiece is finished, it can be auctioned off to the highest bidder! Heidi performs this incredible act for various events, including corporate events, charity banquets, birthdays, and weddings.  She is one of the most creative entertainers for hire in Nashville.

While comics struggle to stay relevant, Jeff Allen knows that the key to good observational humor is to stick to what every generation can relate to marriage, kids, and the pure absurdities of everyday life, delivered in a warm style that you can’t help, but nod along with. This witty corporate comedian will leave audiences roaring with laughter with his easy-going and relatable stand-up performance. Jeff’s act has a little bit of something for everyone, and his humorous material is ranging from family, everyday life, and marriage are sure to please all crowds! Jeff Allen has been performing for the last four decades, making him an outstanding comedian and a master of his craft. See why he is one of the best Nashville Comedians.

Keynote speaker and entertainer, Jason Michaels has a magical story to tell where comedy, drama, and magic collide. An apprentice to some of the most influential illusionists, this magician, can wow crowds with an impeccable and exciting show. Jason has performed for numerous Forbes 500 hundred companies as well as being a featured speaker on TED talks. Your guests will be talking about this magical performance for weeks after your big event!

One part comedy and one part intense percussion rePercussion have combined these two aspects into a unique, high-energy act. Their instruments are whatever makes a great sound when you drum it, and their humor is whatever it takes to get people laughing. With national performances and international recognition, rePercussion breathes new life into playing instruments. They play percussion on a variety of unique items that are transformed into instruments. What you thought to be a bunch of trash cans becomes a set of drums during their performances. rePercussion does more than just music. Their performance is an experience that will get the whole crowd moving and dancing along to the beat. The group interacts with the crowd to make the event feel more like a backstage jam session.  They are a high energy group of entertainers for hire.

Don’t miss out on this fast-paced, interactive show where DJ meets live music! This versatile act has instruments and music for all events making them sure to please all crowds. DJ Drums creates an experience that all guests can enjoy, whether they are tearing up the dance floor or playing drums alongside this must-see specialty act!

As these Nashville Performers show, Nashville is far from being just Music City with only one type of entertainment to offer. As long as you know whom to ask for, you can have laughs, art, a thundering bass, or even catchy pop music. If you’ve got an idea for what might wow a crowd, there will be someone in the Nashville entertainment scene that can make it happen.

Nashville has a lot to offer when it comes to quality entertainment, and these performers are sure to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for your guests that will enhance the overall experience of your event. When looking for entertainers for hire, these Nashville performers are an absolute crowd, pleasers!

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