Entertainers from America’s Got Talent Party Ideas For Your Event

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Written by Tim Grable

October 12, 2017

Entertainers from America's Got Talent Party Ideas For Your EventEveryone loves a good party. However, what do people like even more than a good party? America’s Got Talent Party Ideas are  real unique ones that people will remember forever. It can be hard to find the one right component to transform an ordinary good party into a great one, but one thing that can do the trick is a professional and uniquely talented entertainer. If you’re hosting a party and looking for something to make it extra special, then consider booking one of the excellent performers below, each of whom has wowed the judges and audiences of the popular show AGT.  These America’s Got Talent party ideas could be just what you need to show all your guests a good time and make your event truly amazing.

7 America’s Got Talent Party Ideas

Piff The Magic Dragon: Hilarious Magician Shocks Heidi Klum - America's Got Talent: The Champions

There is nothing more hilarious than a grown man doing magic in a shiny green dinosaur suit. That is unless that man also has a tiny dog in a matching bright green dinosaur suit. Piff the Magic Dragon is that man. His hilarious stand-up routine mixed with his skills as a magician gave Neil Patrick Harris cause to press the golden buzzer during his last performance as one of the best America’s Got Talent Magic Acts.  Piff the Magic Dragon wows his audiences with stunning magic tricks mixed with goofy, hilarious comedy. With his brilliant card tricks, clever one-liners, and unforgettable bright green dragon suit, it is no wonder that he made it onto America’s Got Talent and kept the judges in laughter and suspense all along.

Comedian Tom Cotter Sizzle Reel 2019

There is no wonder that Tom Cotter is considered among the best acts America’s Got Talent. He offers hilarious insight into the shortcomings of parents as bad examples, citing the stories and images of which we are all familiar growing up with. His observations connecting these old fairy tales with modern behavioral laws is a funny twist on the old.  Tom Cotter is a stand-up comedian who delivers a smart and fast-paced routine with a variety of comedic material. Whether he is recounting his college days or making fun of silly everyday phrases, his sarcastic wit provides a witty perspective on life that keeps his audience laughing all the way loudly through.

Bria Kelly: "Wild Horses"

Although Bria Kelly is still a teenager, her young career as a singer has already been enough to get her noticed on AGT and The Voice. With a musical style drawing from rock, country, and pop, Bria sings with a strong, authoritative voice, performing covers as well as original songs beautifully.

Patriotic Sand Art - America's Got Talent Season 7 Joe Castillo Audition

Joe Castillo unique skills as a sand artist have rightly gotten him to the finals of America’s Got Talent. Joe tells stories using sand and canvas, drawing and reshaping sequential pictures in the sand to melodic background music. Joe’s original gift is a pleasure to watch and a great performance.  Joe Castillo creates art through the use of sand and technology. He uses an integrated light board to create a sand “painting” (which is portrayed on the large screen for the audience). In a tribute to the United States, as the music plays in the background, he transforms the sand image of a soldier into a patriotic picture of the Statue of Liberty as the audience watches in wonder and amazement.

Eric Dittelman and a New Mind-Bending Mentalist Trick - America's Got Talent Semifinals

Known as a mentalist/mind reader, Eric Dittleman shocks audiences with his uniquely mystifying abilities. While thoroughly blindfolded with duct tape, he correctly and specifically guesses the content of drawings done by the America’s Got Talent judges, leaving everyone to wonder just how he does it. Eric’s impressive abilities and quirky humor will surely entertain.

Cami Bradley: The Beatles I Want To Hold Your Hand Cover

Delivering a powerhouse of sound, Cami Bradley pours her heart out through her music while she is on stage. Her stage presence is comfortable and relaxed as she sings her version of the most popular and recognizable songs. Her background of singing in her church each week has given her the confidence of an absolute true performing star.

Catapult Entertainment - Visual Tribute to Newtown School Children - America's Got Talent 2013

The visual appearance of this dance group is an incredible experience. Using light and shadow, Catapult can tell a story through their interactive dance and use of space and light. Their performances are wildly entertaining and mind-boggling at the same time. Audiences are sure to enjoy every second of this group’s innovative dance moves and light manipulation techniques.

There is nothing better than sharing the best acts America’s Got Talent had on with a group of friends, associates, or group members. Share a good laugh, listen to a beautiful song, be astonished by some magic, or be amazed at some technology-infused art and dance with the people around you. These incredible acts bring people together, increase happiness, and create a fun and playful mood in the room. When it comes to entertaining large groups of people in group gatherings, any one of these incredibly talented performers from best acts America’s Got Talent will bring the house down.

If you’re looking for a great and unique performer to liven things up at your next party, then look no further than these skilled entertainers, masters of music, art, comedy, magic, and more. From the stage of the popular show to your next event, these America’s Got Talent party ideas will bring the entertainment with an excellent performance.

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