5 Different Entertainers You Can Choose From for Your San Francisco Event

john townsend

Written by Tim Grable

October 26, 2017

At Grable Group, we get in touch with event organizers of all kinds. Some of them know what they want to bring forward to their audience, some of them less so.

That is why we thought of assembling a list of California-based performers for a San Francisco event.

The list comprises different kinds of acts – something to help you choose the style of entertainment you need.

From stand-up comedians to Christian speakers, we hope we have got you covered and hopefully be a helping hand to your organizational efforts.

1. Eric Buss – Bring the Unexpected to Your San Francisco Event

Do you like to offer your audience something they have never even thought of witnessing?

Well, in this case, you might be interested in what Eric Buss comes up with. Although, with him, one never knows. Let us clarify.

Eric has a unique brand of comedy which merges illusionism with musical rhythms and original choreography them. What’s impressive about him is the ability to perform to various styles:

  • classical
  • electronic
  • disco
  • beat-box.

However, that is not all. Eric can juggle several music styles due to his remote control placed on the stage. This way, he can afford to monitor his performance and also deliver new content each time he takes the stage.

That is why the Second City Comedy School graduate managed to get rave reviews after being featured in:

  • the “Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.”
  • the “Just for Laughs” Comedy Festival in Montreal
  • “The Late Show” with David Letterman
  • America’s Got Talent.

Being a highly energetic act, we would say he is a perfect fit for a corporate San Francisco event which needs some extra pace and spunk.


Smart comedy with original props and a nice touch of unexpected? Count Eric Buss in to make that happen.

2. Erin Weidemann – the Woman to Empower Young Women

From comedy virtuoso Eric Buss, we are now moving on to a more serious tone. We are venturing into motivational speakers territory – which is what Erin Weidemann is known for.

The main story about Erin is her cancer survival record – she managed to fight cancer five times successfully. This did not affect her faith – on the contrary. It only fueled her desire to provide inspiration – to women especially.

Moreover, she managed to do that if you look at her accomplishments:

  • Co-Founded Bible Belles, the organization which tries to inspire young girls by bringing forward biblical female figures
  • founded the Heroes for Her podcast, an auxiliary to Bible Belles. The podcast – now reaching its 35th episode – hosts women who can inspire and empower girls through their faith-fueled experiences.

Here’s a part of the wisdom she could share to your guests:

3. Don Friesen for Fresh Content

Clever and clean, Don Friesen could fit right in with a fundraising San Francisco event which aims big.

Unlike many other fellow comedians, Don started and strengthened his career by touring the US. This way, he was able to perfect his writing skills at the same time with the performative ones.

The result of those times is a comedic voice which relies on fresh content, impersonation and hilarious analogies – as you can see below:

4. John Townsend – Leadership Excellence

When it comes to keynote speakers for leadership events, this name should ring a bell.

john townsend 5 Different Entertainers You Can Choose From for Your San Francisco Event

John Townsend is one of the greats in the industry, and the following list of achievements is proof of that:

  • founder of the Townsend Institute of Leadership and Counseling
  • clinical psychology background
  • a best-selling author with 27 written or co-written volumes
  • more than 20 years worth of experience and business connections

5. Anjelah Johnson – A Daring Voice

Having an acting career under her belt, it is understandable why Anjelah Johnson manages to gather thousands to her gigs.

She is one of the boldest female standup comedians out there, quite reminiscent of Amy Schumer:

You could have these five fine performers – and many others of their caliber – at your event on the condition you contact us and make sure they are available for your San Francisco event.

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