Here Are 3 Entertaining Comedians You Should Know About

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Written by Tim Grable

July 17, 2018

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An organized event is a wonderful occasion to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience. This is especially true when there are comedians on the event’s agenda. After all, no one forgets having had a good laugh.

The following performers will offer your audience plenty of such memorable moments. They are all comedians you should know about, so keep on reading.

1. Brad Nieder

“Doctor, doctor, will I be able to play the violin after the operation?”
“Yes, of course…”
“Great! I never could before!”

This is the kind of jokes your guests can look forward to if you decide to book Brad for your event.

You see, Brad Nieder is the result you get when combining a comedian with an M.D.  His performances mix in stand-up comedy with a pinch of medical humor.

Have a healthy dose of humor, courtesy of Brad Nieder, by watching the video below:

Brad’s career started with him graduating as an M.D and getting his medical license. The way he puts it, he realized that there was a shortage of doctors with a sense of humor, and that is why he embarked on this journey.

He treats everyone in the audience with jokes about healthcare and the medical industry. His attitude is relaxed, the performance is smooth, and his comedy is clean. A fitting choice for any corporate event.

Here Are 3 Entertaining Comedians You Should Know About

2. Frank King

In keeping with the theme of healthcare comedians, we thought you might be curious to know a bit about Frank King’s medical record which includes two aortic valve replacements, a heart attack, and three stents.

Based on this, you could jokingly assume that he has a funny heart, but that wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Frank’s act consists of a humorous approach to healthcare, stress and the gripes of everyday life.

Another thing you should know about Frank is that he’s struggled with depression, a battle from which he emerged victoriously. Now, he serves as an inspiration and a constant reminder of why we should always focus on the brighter side of life.

See him in action in the following video:

After having attended Frank’s show, the audience will leave with a greater appreciation for life.

If the workplace proves to be too demanding, then he is the man to treat the problem. His talks will invigorate the audience and make them feel better in no time – or, how he puts it – turn the messes and stresses into successes.

3. Rik Roberts

We couldn’t talk about comedians you should know about and not include Rik.

With 20 years of experience and numerous comedy shows, you could say that Rik Roberts knows what he’s doing.

Rik’s story started with an ambition. He wanted to become an anchor in television, with high hopes of being a part of shows such as “Weekend Update.” 

After earning his degree, Rik joined a comedy group and thus began his life-long career as a comedian.

Rik puts on a stellar performance through the intensive use of storytelling. This adoption of storytelling into his act opened the gates for his career as a speaker, where he delivers inspiring keynotes to the audience.

His spectators will be all laughs after only a few moments of his iconic comedy-club humor. Get a taste of it by watching the video below.

More Comedians You Should Know about

The comedians featured in this article can elevate your event, so you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to book them right away.

However, if you are looking for more options, there are more comedians you should know about featured in our catalog.

Contact us at (615) 283-0039 if you have any questions.

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