8 of the Best Entertainment Ideas for Moms Night Out

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Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2017

5 Entertainment Ideas for Moms Night Out Moms need a break. Every once in a while, it feels good to kick back with your friends and enjoy an evening that is kid-free, question free, chore-free – you get the picture. That is what Moms Night Out was created for. Your evening will be filled with fun, food, wine if you like, and side-splitting laughter if you decide to see one of these clean comedians. See, they understand what you are after an escape. You want to get away from it all – you want to act like you did before your name was Mom. Not forever, of course – just for a couple of hours. These comedians can make that happen for you. They can make you happy that you took the time to curl your hair, do your makeup, and put on some beautiful clothes. These comedians will make you remember what it was like “back in the day.”

The Best Moms Night Out Ideas

Bean and Bailey bring music to the table and showcases songs in a different way than we have seen in years. Weird Al Yankovic comes to mind, but they are more than that. They turn the lyrics of a song upside down, creating a hilariously new song – and making it their own. You will tap your toes and laugh at the same time when this pair hit the stage.

He is direct. He is brash. He is loud. Moreover, he is relatable. Thor Ramsey will have you laughing out loud within seconds of taking the stage. He is a sharply comic and knows his way around a joke. His material will have you begging for more.

Anjelah Johnson is more than just the new girl in town – she presents like a seasoned professional who has been doing this for years. She talks about the things that women go through and does it with such ease. You will wonder if she has lived a day in your life – she is that good.

Jeff Allen makes his jokes resonate because he relates them to his life. You will wonder if he is talking about your life instead of his own. Jeff will make you laugh at him and then at yourself in an instant. His sarcastic wit will be your undoing.

In this live performance, singer, songwriter, and comedian Paul Aldrich sings about taking “two steps forward and twelve steps back.” His clean and funny comedy has earned him fans across the globe.  Aldrich accompanies himself on guitar, enjoying every chord and riff, no matter how complicated. As he sings, the audience enjoys clapping along with him. His accent twangs across a broad range, but he stays true to his motto – pickin’ and grinnin’ – and never loses his smile.

Do you like Hilarious Comedy?  This clip is of Ron Pearson performing his entertaining routine, “Chocolate”.  The video is a funny and entertaining glimpse of Ron’s family-friendly comedy routine, while he is performing at the world-famous Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. Ron’s energetic approach to comedy is on display as he delivers one of his funniest moments as a parent: a moment that most parents and kids can relate to and laugh at together. He packs his clean comedy with punchlines that are poignant and hilarious. The style and humor in this clip are similar to the comedy of greats like Ray Romano and Jerry Seinfeld  There is no doubt Ron Pearson is funny business.

Daren Streblow delivers a low-key, quiet type of comedy. His life experiences with his family and children are transformed for the group into a hilarious set of stories. Daren seems to be the fresh and collected dad through the most trying of situations, always keeping the mood light and humorous. His explosive facial expressions add a level of funny that can not be found in many other entertainers.

Anthony Griffith commands the stage with his fresh and collected style of comedy strike a chord with audiences of all types. His humorous look at his life and marriage is easily relatable to the audience. He offers a unique insight into how to turn the most awkward of situations into a successful dating experience. Anthony Griffith is delightfully entertaining for groups of all sizes and backgrounds.

Moms’ Night Out. It is like music to a weary mom’s ears. If you and your friends are ready to go on a Moms’ Night Out to remember, don’t leave it up to chance. Hire one of these comedians so that you can be assured to laugh like you do not have a care in the world. They can help you escape for a couple of hours and laugh all the way.

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