What Event Entertainment Ideas will make you a Rock Star?

Written by Tim Grable

March 20, 2017

What Event Entertainment Ideas will make you a Rock Star? Planning a large scale event takes a great deal of coordination. From food to the venue to the guest list, successful events require wisdom and skill to come together. One of the most important aspects of any event is entertainment. Hosts want their guests to enjoy the event and remember the experience positively. When choosing event entertainment ideas for an event, it is crucial that the demographic of the audience be considered. Age, event size, venue, and general interests should all be evaluated. If the event is sponsored by a corporation, the entertainment act should align with the company’s standards and values. It should fit the mood of the event itself. At the end of the day, entertainers should add value to the mission of the gathering.

Why Your Event Needs Great Entertainment

Regardless the size of the event you will be organizing, hiring great entertainment is a must. Finding great talent is easy nowadays so that it will be a piece of cake turning your event from good to great.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider booking entertainment for your event:

  • It generates interest. This happens not only during the event but after, as well.
  • It increases the visibility of your company/organization. This can happen especially if you hire a headline entertainer.
  • It builds a relationship with your guests. Entertainers are influential people, and so this will create a stronger relationship with them.
  • Reinforces brand values. The entertainer can perform an act which is correlated to what your organization does and refresh for everyone then values it stands for.

Now that you know why it is important to have great entertainment at your event, we want to suggest 9 entertainment ideas you can hire.

Amazing Event Entertainment Ideas

Why Your Event Needs Great Entertainment - and 3 Ideas to Inspire You

1. Preacher Lawson

Preacher Lawson was the only comedian who was a finalist on season 12 of America’s Got Talent.

He started writing jokes he was 16, and one year later, he was already performing on stage. Preacher has a goofy, likable and animated personality. He brings high-energy comedy on the stage every time he is in front of an audience.

If you are looking for great entertainment which will keep your guests on their toes and laugh non-stop, then Preacher is the comedian you need for your event.

You can see in the video below his high-energy.

2. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is the king of observational clean comedy about marriage, family, and kids. He is also well-known for providing entertainment which appeals to all types of audiences without being inappropriate.

Jeff has been doing comedy shows for more than three decades, and he was also seen on various major TV networks such as Comedy Central, Showtime, HBO, A&E and Odyssey Channel.

Because Jeff’s humor centers on marriage and living with children, the material he provides is relatable to the majority of people.

So whether you will be organizing a fundraiser, a corporate event or a gala, Jeff Allen is most certainly a comedian you should consider.

In the video below, you can see his one of his Dry Bar Comedy performances.

3. Dustin Nickerson

Dustin Nickerson can bring his audience into his life through the hilarious jokes he makes about the struggles of parenting and marriage.

He is the winner of the San Diego Clean Comedy Competition and a two-time finalist for San Diego’s Funniest Person.

Dustin is a regular performer at quite a few comedy clubs, and he has also been seen on Laughs on Fox, the PBS Comedy Hour or Hulu.

He is quite a unique voice in the comedy scene, and even though he describes himself as an average person, we can safely say he is far from being average when he is performing on stage.

You can see in the video below just a quick sneak peek from one of his shows.

4. Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg has a long history of various corporate events and tv appearances. He focuses on family-friendly comedy and keynote speaking. He also performs as emcee. He is known as the “comedian with character.” Stromberg entertained on America’s Got Talent with his classic stand-up act. He has been featured at many family events because of his material is appropriate for all ages and viewpoints.  Bob Stromberg is one of the best event entertainment ideas.

5. rePercussion

RePercussion performs a high energy physical act that merges music, comedy, and crowd interaction to provide quality entertainment. They use everyday objects such as pots and pans to create rhythmic percussion that provides the background to their comedy act. The audience is heavily featured and will enjoy being a part of the act both on the stage and in the stands. One bonus of RePercussion is that they are tech free, leaving the stress of technological difficulties behind!

6. Drew Lynch

Drew Lynch’s comedy and personality are unique and charming. His trademark humor revolves around the fact that he has a stutter caused by a softball accident. He makes use of what some people would consider a disability in his entertaining stand-up comedy and turns it into strength. Drew Lynch has recently appeared on tv on American’s Got Talent the Champions. He is not only hilarious but also inspiring, bringing depth to his act that might otherwise have been missing.

7. Taylor Mason

Along with his clean standup comedy, Illinois-native Taylor Mason brings music and ventriloquism into his acts. The comedian has been doing standup for 25 years. He stays away from blue topics such as sex and bathroom humor, and he also attempts to keep jokes family-friendly. He is not afraid of challenging people with his quick wit and well-written jokes and getting them to think about topics such as the fitness.

Mason performs at a variety of different places, including churches, comedy clubs, college campuses and bar mitzvahs. He has also played special shows for corporate clients such as Wal-Mart and Microsoft. Mason has appeared in some Dry Bar Comedy and YouTube videos and has also appeared on TV shows. Different puppets, including pig, Donald Trump, and Romeo-and-Juliet-inspired puppets, have emerged in his acts. In some shows, Mason plays the piano and sings humorous songs. While he is singing, he often asks his audiences to join in. His comedy features a broad range of topics, including the dynamics in families, the swine flu, cars, married life, his job as a comic and his hometown.

8. Joe Castillo

The amazing and moving talents of famed sand artist, Joe Castillo, will send you on a mini journey through sight and sound and Feelin’ Good.  This short video is a mini vacation for the mind.

The excellent choice of background music, along with the flowing movements of the sand, will relax and astonish you. You will find yourself going back to watch this and Joe Castillo’s other sand art creations over and over again. The simple movement of the sand quickly produces these intense and moving images, which are set to the perfect musical selection to draw you in. His opening portrayal of the majestic eagle morphs into a prisoner in bondage. The prisoners’ chains disappear as the moving artwork depicts the jubilation of freedom.

After viewing several of the artist’s pieces through his vast on-line video library, it quickly becomes apparent that there is no message or image that Joe Castillo cannot portray. This artist would be an incredible addition to any corporate or group event. Your attendees will be astonished by Joe Castillo’s unbelievable talents as he creates your corporation or assemblies personal vision with sand and song. Whatever event you are planning will be a truly unique and unforgettable experience for everyone.

9.  Piff the Magic Dragon

Audiences from Las Vegas to London have enjoyed the magical mastering’s of Piff the Magic Dragon. Accompanied by his tiny dog assistant, Mr. Piffles, Piff combines comedy and magic into a hilariously dry and witty performance that will leave your guests simultaneously hunched over from laughter and scratching their heads in disbelief.   The only thing funnier than a grown man in a full-body dragon costume is a pet Chihuahua in the same. With 7 million video views under his belt, comedy/magician John Van Der Put keeps his audiences rolling in the aisles as Piff the Magic Dragon. Poor bewildered Mr. Piffles—the canine’s nickname—disappears and reappears multiple times during this cranky-dragon act, leaving the audience in tears of hilarity.

Comedy is one of the best entertainment choices you can make for any event.  Whether the event is corporate or social, grand or intimate, these 9 entertainment acts are sure to get guests laughing, clapping and having a good time.

When it all comes together, these event entertainment acts will be the highlight of the day!

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