How to Take Your Event To A New Level with Juggling


Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

How to Take Your Event To A New Level with a JugglingCorporate Entertainer  and Las Vegas Headliner Jeff Civillico will make any event memorable with his upbeat, spontaneous comedy and juggling. Featured is his unique ability to engage the crowd, all while handling his five balls. That is right, five! Jeff is at home on stage and a natural at entertaining a crowd, keeping them involved and laughing while balancing, juggling, and performing other athletic feats. No one is going to go home saying, “You should have seen the cheesy entertainment they provided this year.”

Jeff Civillico continues to make people laugh at corporate events, fundraisers, banquets, and conferences for several well-known companies. Many bring him back year after year showing that Jeff provides a standing ovation every time.  This entertainment dynamo has been performing on the corporate circuit for years and has enthralled countless people with his unique blend of world-class physical skills and effortless clean humor.

Audience participation and juggling

Jeff Civillico and Trent appeared together at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and combined physical comedy with feats of magic. The spinning plates trick was performed with Trent, a child from the audience as Jeff’s assistant. Trent holds a spinning plate atop a long stick in each hand as another plate spins from a headgear spike on the child’s head. Jeff keeps the audience laughing with his comedy routine as the trick unfolds.

Jeff Civillico is a comedian and master of ceremonies who is a graduate of Georgetown University. He has headlined for Disney Cruises and The Atlantis Resort in Nassau. He juggles, balances and includes the audience in his lively and entertaining performances on stage.

Jeff has also performed for The American Heart Association and other organizations including Wachovia, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Anheuser-Bush, among others, at corporate events. His clean comedy style is a breath of fresh air.

It is as if five or six highly talented performers have made their way into one body, which is calling itself Jeff Civillico. Stand up comedy, jugging and impressive feats of balance and strength are at the core of Jeff’s highly captivating performances.  His vibrant personality and natural love for taking center stage will disarm and entertain every attendee, and his team-building approach allows members of the audience to go on stage and participate while the rest of the crowd can sit back and be entertained by Jeff’s hilarious interactions with their co-workers.

Jeff Civillico is a Las Vegas-based headline entertainer who blends his perfected art of entertainment with friendly audience interaction and insane amounts of energy.  Jeff is thrilled to perform daily on the Las Vegas strip with his afternoon show at the brand-new Quad Resort & Casino.  Here he balances on a unicycle while demonstrating his comedic and juggling talents.

Jeff’s hilarious video demonstrates his unique talents that include juggling; balancing and athleticism blended with side-splitting comedy. Combine that with his interaction with the audience and you have a hysterically funny performance. Jeff’s stage performance is suitable for all ages, and his clean comedy is sure to appeal to everyone at your event.  Jeff’s team building workshops focus on communication, goal-setting, and teamwork. As a Master of Ceremonies, Jeff is professional and able to adapt to any circumstances on stage.

Make your next event one that every member of your team will not only remember, but also benefit from. Book Jeff Civillico for your next corporate event and see what he proudly refers to as Comedy in Action for yourself!  For additional information call 615-283-0039.

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