Event Planners Need to Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring Entertainment

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Written by Tim Grable

February 27, 2017

Event planners have a lot going on when it comes to putting together any sort of event. It’s safe to say that rarely events turn up to be flawless, because nobody’s perfect.

And that’s OK.
Event Planners Need to Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring Entertainment
The people attending an event won’t even notice minor flaws, because they’ll be too busy having a good time. Event planners are going to be the ones that need to pay attention to details in order for their event to turn up more than great.

Most of the time, you probably won’t even be able to tell whether you make any mistakes or not, because you’re focused on other things.

Mistakes Event Planners Should Avoid

These are the most common mistakes that you can start avoiding today, and I’ll tell you how as well.

  • Not having a skilled event manager by your side. You obviously cannot handle by all the logistics, all the planning, and everything else that comes with it. This can easily overwhelm you. That’s definitely not something you’d want. Find an experienced event manager that will know how to handle a difficult situation and who is good at dealing with people in a professional manner. With an event manager by your side, you will minimize all the risks that come along with organizing your event.
  • Not having a well defined plan for every event. Chances are that you will follow a similar pattern when organizing different events. They often require the same  attention to details. The risk when you don’t have a plan is that you’ll most likely miss vital issues. When planning an event, you need to pay attention to the smallest detail.
  • Taking advantage of resources. Staff is so important when it comes to organizing an event. Making sure you have staff in the right place, at the right time, will make the event go incredibly smooth. Also, if your staff is trained well, you won’t have to worry about telling them what to do, or worrying every minute about whether they’re doing a good job or not.    
  • Not being aware of last minute changes. Life is unpredictable. Hours before an event will take place, there can always be some unexpected changes, but you don’t have to stress about it, instead, be flexible and consider back up plans. Keeping track of these changes will help you determine what else you will have to adjust before the event, and you will not be caught by surprise by any unexpected chaos.
  • Not being prepared for the worst. Of course you have to look at the bright side, and hope for your event to be amazing, but there’s always going to be a not so pretty side, and you have to have backup plan for that as well. Event planners should be experts at identifying weaknesses as well as assets.
  • Not hiring someone that will put on a show. People attend events, especially corporate ones, because they hope to see something different. Your job is to not disappoint them. Hiring an entertainer is going to make an event memorable, and you will also make sure that the people who showed up will have a really good time.  

Event Planners: Pay Attention When Hiring Entertainment

The entertainment business is thrilling and exciting. Event planners have one of the best jobs in the world because they get to create such great events.

Inevitably, stress is common in this industry, but it also has so many worthwhile rewards and it can also bring you plenty of opportunities.

Hiring entertainment can be a struggle sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together a list of things that are overlooked most of the time so that your event planning process goes as smooth as possible.

1. Make a list of entertainment ideas and artists

Before you dive into making the assumption that the entertainment artist you’d like for your event is undoubtedly available, stop for a second. It may not be the case. Be sure to prepare a list, so that you’ll have a backup. Don’t make assumptions based on what you think or what you’d like to happen. It’s better to get the facts right about the artists that you’ve taken into consideration for your event.

2. Time is of the essence

Don’t wait until the last minute to book an artist for your event, especially if you want to catch the big fish. Most entertainers are booked months in advance, so if you have your eye on an artist you’d really want, contact them and set the date. It’s better to book entertainment sooner than later.

3. Figure out the important stuff

Event planners need to see the big picture when it comes to their event before proceeding to figure out the small details. First things first: Booking entertainment. Then, you need to decide what the proper venue for the performance would be. Do you need a football stadium or just a conference room? After all of these details are set in place, you can go ahead and create a marketing and promotional campaign, putting together a team and taking care of logistics.

4. Know the trends

People are crazy about seeing the latest, hottest and the most amazing entertainers that are on fire right now. If they’re on TV, they will most likely want to see them. Event planners have to browse the market to find out what people want to see. It’s no use to bring them an artist that was very much appreciated two years ago. Also, if you have a specific target in mind for your event, think about what they would like to see as entertainment.

5. Decide on a budget

You may not know what prices some of the entertainers ask for, but you can probably estimate based on your experience. You can check out a few artists and see what their prices are. If your budget is too small, then it’s best to do something else with the money you have than to hire a bad entertainer who can possibly ruin your event.

Event planners hold the key to good entertainment

Event Planners – Pay Attention to These Aspects when Hiring Entertainment

Organizing memorable and fun events will make you an amazing event planner. But in order to do so, you need ideas.

Whether you’re looking for artists, comedians, entertainers or hearty speakers, we can help you find the right entertainment for your event.

Ideas For Your Next Entertainment Event

Now that you know what you should avoid when it comes to event planning, you have ideas for your next one.

Stand up comedy can be a blast, especially if you hire one of the best comedians out there. How about Jeff Allen, that knows how to find humor in any situation? Or Bob Stromberg who is a master of connecting with the audience?

Or maybe some magic will do the trick (see what I did there? Pun intended!).

You can contact us if you want to find out more about our artists and what opportunities you can take advantage of with our help. Talented artists are looking forward to performing at your event!

No matter what kind of entertainment you’d like for your next event, we have it all. Just check our full list here, and then contact us if you want to find out more about our entertainment services.


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