Is Entertainment the key to Successful Outreach Events?

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Written by Tim Grable

February 22, 2017

Faith Fun Fellowship: The Secret to Outreach Events If you are looking for outreach entertainment, comedy is a wonderful choice. Comedy is a great thing. It can bring people together and reach people when they have strayed. Everyone likes to laugh, and laughter can change the way you perceive your situation. Some comedians make this look easy; they can tell a joke that will make people of all ages and ethnicities double over in laughter. However, sometimes comics can touch people when they need it most, helping them to overcome whatever has brought them to a palace of sadness or despair.

Audiences enjoy the entertainment as faith fun fellowship is presented by the entertainers listed here. These Christian entertainers have messages to impart that are awe-inspiring for Outreach Events. Presentations involve musical and artistic talent. Some find humor in everyday situations. Others have an agenda that is more than sharing their craft. They want audiences to leave with something that touched them. Each of the entertainers makes an effort to relate on a personal level when they do outreach events. They do not need to use vulgarity to entertain. All of them present performances that the whole family could enjoy.

Awkward or unpleasant?

Life has many facets. Some are funny. Others are awkward or unpleasant. The entertainers featured here focus on faith fun fellowship. They do so in an entertaining manner. Sometimes the deliveries are in a comedic fashion. Giving praise to God is a common theme of others. Watching the performers is not only entertainment but food for thought. Ordinary people can laugh at themselves or become aware of the need of the Divine in their lives. People appreciate stories that offer faith fun fellowship. They offer hope and humor. Even the grimmest situation brightens. These entertainers are funny, articulate, intelligent and inspirational.

The entertainers listed here understand how to get to someone’s heart and soul and make them see a better side of things. They are seasoned professionals who understand their audiences. They know what people need when they come to a show and can provide that on request. They make outreach entertainment something that has legs – it resonates with everyone it touches.

Outreach Events that have Faith Fun and Fellowship

Combining music, light, and paint, Marc Eckel does a live worship experience as he travels around the world. He is a Christian performing artist. After an emotional Easter service at the First Baptist Church of Pierceton in Indiana, the pastor, George Paiva and Marc decided to establish the Splat Experience. In his performances, a splattering paint technique is used to convey his message.

Joe Castillo was a 2012 finalist on America’s Got Talent. He uses a light table to create hands-on Sand Stories that consist of art images. Recorded or live music scores his captivating performances. The projected videos on a screen allow large audiences to see his work. He is a storyteller, artist, and best-selling author who has performed for world leaders that include Presidents Carter, Bush, and Clinton; King Abdullah and President Juan Emmanuel Santos.

Jeff  Allen performs at corporate functions, for fundraisers, on radio and television, and at churches across the country. He brings encouragement and gives laughter to the message he delivers about a marriage that went wrong but resurrected. Onwards and Upwards and Apostles of Comedy are movies in which Allen had a starring role. His comedy portrays the joy a healthy marriage provides, and the humor found in family life.

Bob Nelson uses character roles in his comedic performances. Figures include chicken rancher Wilby Stuckinson, a punchy boxer Jiffy Jeff, and lovable nerd Eppy Epperman. Personal observations and stories make him one of the best stand-up comics of the day. Bob has made appearances on David Letterman and the Tonight Show. His performances have appeared on the Radio City Music Hall and Grand Ole Opry stages.

Adam Trent is an illusionist who incorporates comedy, singing, and dancing in his performances. Performing for Adam began when he was nine years old. At age 14, he performed on the street. There, he learned how to build crowds in the worst situations. Trent studied Entertainment Marketing and Finance while attending college in Los Angeles.

Christian Comedians like Michael Jr can feel just as comfortable doing his act at outreach events as in a comedy club. That is because his material has a universal appeal that is just downright funny without being offensive. This family man proves that comedy can be both family-friendly and funny at the same time.

This video clip from his performance proves just how talented Michael Jr is a storyteller. In it, he relays a story from his past as a seven-year-old boy struggling to understand one of the life’s toughest lessons. Only a real comedic talent can make a funeral funny, and he was certainly up for that challenge!

Christian Comedian Brad Stine’s reveals one of womankind’s best-kept secrets. Why do women get so upset about leaving the toilet seat up?

Stine’s comic observations in this video take good-natured aim at the underlying differences between the way men and women look at everyday life.  His body language and gestures add to the entertainment of the video while remaining within the boundaries of clean comedy. Like many comics, Brad Stine finds the funny humor in the contradictions of everyday life. Stine says “In a country with guaranteed rights to freedom of religion, its citizens are constantly trying to make faith in public spheres illegal, I am offended by that contradiction and want to talk about it as a comic.”

Tammy Trent is a Christian music icon. She has also experienced a profound loss in her life. Her husband died when they were on a trip in 2001. This sudden loss and the way she had to overcome it make her the perfect speaker to reach into a person’s sorrow and help them do the same.

Steve McGranahan starts off with something that might seem like a card trick but ends up being so much more. If you want to learn about the Bible and its practical application in your life, Steve can make it happen. He is also one heck of a strong guy!

Paul Aldrich talks about what makes sense and what doesn’t. We all go through this from time to time as we look back at the things we used to wear. Paul makes you look at that in your life, not just your hair and clothes, and he has you laughing all the way through that reflection.

Jeff Allen talks about real life, and he does so candidly. Sometimes that is exactly what you need. Jeff Allen can make people see a little bit of themselves in his bit and make them laugh out loud about it.

The energy that Thor Ramsey brings to the table is outstanding. One minute he is calm – almost soft-spoken for a guy with a big voice. The next minute is raucous and loud – eye-catching and attention-grabbing, to say the least. He is direct, he is straightforward, and gosh, he makes that incredibly funny.

The Bucket Boys as a percussion dual synchronizes sound and rhythm with a comedic twist, using everything from trash cans to lids to street signs and other items to create sounds through innovation. Their intelligent compositions and quick showmanship belies their informal nature. They obviously don’t take themselves too seriously and rather revel in their synchronized compositions, performing with a casual groove that seems almost cleverly accidental. With such a small stage and drumsticks as their only weapons, they are able to comprise beats that are a knee-slapping, dance-worthy, and somehow epic at the same time. The Bucket Boys offer a professional music act with an innovative, playful spirit that will not disappoint and is sure to entertain for all ages.

If you are throwing an event and need to have the best outreach entertainment available, consider these professionals. The experiences they have had, the way they use their talent to touch people where they need it most, will make your event have meaning. Helping people with comedy, singing, and shared experiences are what these people excel at. Book them for your event and see how they transform people’s lives.

Weekly church services are valuable. The faith life should not end when one walks out the church door. Seeing entertainers like those featured here adds variety to the options of church fellowship. Many congregations would truly enjoy their great personalities and entertaining skills. If the faith community is in need of some livening up, any of these talented people are sure to please. Having one of them perform is perfect for your outreach event.

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