What Entertainment is the best Church Family Night Ideas?

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Written by Tim Grable

March 7, 2017

Family Friendly Comedy Perfect for Church Family Night Ideas Family night at church is meant to be a great time for the whole family. If it is your task to plan your church’s upcoming family night, you surely don’t want to disappoint. Of course, the event or activity needs to be family friendly, and parallel to the morals and teachings of your church. It needs to be a great time for the children, as well as the adults. This can sometimes be challenging.

Quite often, attractive options for this sort of event include interactive activities, games, and even special outings. These are excellent choices but are often over-used, and thus can diminish in entertainment value for those in attendance. For those wanting to try something new and fresh for family night, consider bringing in a family and church friendly comedy act. Laughter is always healthy and is sure to lead to a pleasant outcome when done right. Here are  great choices in family and church friendly comedy, sure to please for family night.  As a special bonus, we have also included ideas for your family camp entertainment.

Church Family Night Ideas that Don’t Stink

With over twenty years of experience in corporate, church, and family comedy events, Scott Wood keeps the laughter alive. Wood has won awards for his brand of the punchline, quick-thinking comedy and is an excellent choice for church family functions. He has also established himself as a noteworthy impression artist, giving gut-splitting impressions of some of the today’s most recognizable personalities; great in church family night ideas.

Do you like Drum Beats? You will love rePercussion . They are a dynamic percussion duo, which has brought progressive street-style performance to Willow Creek Church.

This group from Chicago now travels around the US performing at schools and other private events, using trash cans, signs, buckets, pots and pans to create a unique performance that combines music, dance, and comedy. Each show is unique and caters to the audience because it is built on the establishment of a relationship between the performers and the audience. In this video, rePercussion entertain audiences with their music and antics. Their lively performance and catchy beats provide a positive atmosphere for all parties and events.

Michael Smalley is comedy genius specializing in the teaching of love, relationships, and God, all via his unique brand of comedy. Smalley has authored several best-selling relationship advice books and is renowned for his humorous approach in such affairs. Smalley is an excellent choice in the comedy for those in search of great church family night ideas.

Michael Jr. exposes the humorous side of being human and living life as a Christian. In “Pray with Your Neighbor,” Michael tells the story of his own experience as a new Christian, attending church for the first time. Unfamiliar with worship terminology, or communicating with God, he struggles and stumbles through a prayer. Not knowing what to say, Michael hilariously creates a montage by borrowing popular lines from a variety of sources that include television commercials and popular songs.

Michael learned early on he had a natural ability to make people laugh and began using his talent to bring a little sunshine to the lives of others. Whether sharing personal experiences, making general observations or analyzing biblical events, Michael Jr. finds humor by tapping into the less than perfect traits that bind us all to the human condition.

As a Christian and a stand-up comedian, Michael uses this comedic approach when sharing his thoughts and beliefs concerning spiritual matters with a broad spectrum of audiences. In an easy-going, down to earth manner, Michael regularly expresses his insights before live theater audiences, churches filled with parishioners and prison inmates. No stranger to television, Michael has had guest appearances on Comedy Central, The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In the line of church family night ideas, Bean and Bailey couples music and comedy into one outrageous show. This act sings and plays guitar, as well as acts out songs. Their subjects of coverage include God, religion, and some of today’s silliest of cultural quandaries. These whizzes of comedy and music have proven the ability to delight churchgoing audiences without fail.

What About Family Camp Entertainment?

5 Great Acts For Family Camp Entertainment

Arranging a show that appeals to entire families can be tricky. It comes as no surprise that camp planners are always on the lookout to hire the next act that would be perfect for family camp.  Choosing the right kind of entertainment could mean the difference between an unforgettable camping trip and the absolute worst summer camp experience. Of the following acts any and all are sure to be big hits at your next family camp event. Each of these entertainers has created an act that defies generational humor and will get entire families roaring in their seats, young and old alike. You will not choose wrong no matter whom you pick among these excellent, talented, and energetic entertainers. One is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your next event and keep your audiences laughing and happy the entire time.

Family Camp Entertainment That Isn’t Boring

This self-proclaimed “country boy” employs a hilarious comedy routine using some props with which he interacts. When in his hands, everyday, mundane items become symbols of his comedic demonstrations and the center of laughs. Steve McGranahan and his events have become something of a recent comedy phenomenon in the U.S. and are ideal for a great church family night function.  Comedian Steve McGranahan is known as the world’s strongest redneck. McGranahan’s down-to-earth humor and impressive feats of strength will make him a hit at your family camp. With appearances on The Tonight Show, CMT, and a role on Discovery’s Fat N Furious, McGranahan has the entertainment experience to keep audiences laughing and wanting more.

Bob Stromberg will bring the laughs to your event with his comedy routine that combines the arts of stand-up, story, props, and shtick. Specializing in intergenerational performances, Stromberg has the uncanny ability to captivate entire family audiences. With his spirited performances, Stromberg has the skill as an entertainer to keep everyone engaged in your event. When looking for family camp entertainment, Bob Stromberg should be on your list.

Daren Streblow is one of today’s hottest “observational” comedians, covering everyday topics that can turn hilariously awkward. His unique brand has spawned national recognition. He is also the host and star of The Daren Streblow Comedy Show, airing on over 50 media outlets in the U.S and abroad.  Daren’s comedic stylings show that he is always searching for the comical side to everything he experiences in life. With the experience entertaining for Disney Cruise Lines and Universal Studios, his well-oiled and well-practiced routines are ready to go and are sure to please every family member in the audience regardless of age.

With an act that defies all definition, Taylor Mason will entertain the families in your audience with his hilarious routine of stand-up comedy, music, and ventriloquism. A Star Search first place winner, Mason has the comedic know-how and energy to keep audiences roaring and his talking pig, Paco, will be a hit with everyone in the crowd.

Winner of Orange County’s Funniest Person Contest and a finalist on Last Comic Standing, Ron McGehee is an excellent choice in family camp entertainment. With over ten years of experience in the youth market, McGehee is sure to get everyone in the audience, young and old alike, roaring with laughter.

These highly talented entertainers are sure to be the perfect fit for big laughs when the need for camp entertainment comes around. These hilarious and unforgettable comedians are prepared and ready to entertain family members in your audiences of all ages. Choosing one of them would be to not choose wrong.

These acts are outstanding choices for those in search of great church family night ideas. They will keep the kids laughing. They will keep the adults pleased. They will also ensure a fantastic, and one-of-a-kind church family night.

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