The Best Family Friendly Stand Up Comedy that is Funny

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Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

There’s nothing more enjoyable than family friendly stand up comedy that is hilarious. With the selection of comedians performing these days, it can be difficult to find one with a show that is suitable for all ages. The family friendly stand up comedians below fit the bill. They are funny. Just plain funny. Capable of carrying a show on the merit of their ability rather than interjecting questionable topics and language, the performers below are able to speak to twenty-somethings and seventy-somethings alike. They find the humor of life and relay it to their audiences with ease and grace. More importantly, they respect the craft of comedy. They don’t assume it is simple to get a laugh – they work hard to be the best. Watching any one of their clean comedians listed below will keep you guessing and laughing harder than you ever expected to.

Family friendly stand up comedy that is funny

9 family friendly stand up comedy acts

Jeff Allen knows his way around a joke. He comes on stage and takes command of it like a seasoned pro. He delivers his jokes effortlessly, talking about the realities of life that every one of us encounters at one time or another. He does it with such style that he’ll leave you begging for more.  Jeff Allen is a very good comedian who focuses his material on marriage and living with teenagers. He also has quite a few routines that joke on the daily struggle of exercising. Everyone can relate to that! He has been the entertainment for many corporate clients including Dry Bar Comedy, Chick-Fil-A and Sam’s Club. Among the stellar reviews, he was recommended by many different clients as the best entertainer they had ever hired! He keeps it clean and hilarious for the ultimate entertainment experience.


Brian Regan takes everyday experiences and makes the audience laugh until they are doubled over. He has appeared on some late night talk shows including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In fact, Brian Regan is one of the most well-known comedians in family friendly stand up comedy. Kids and adults alike find him incredibly amusing and watching his routines have been bringing families together for years. Adults can watch it without being nervous about the kids hearing it, and younger children and teenagers find it just as funny as their parents!


Jim Gaffigan used to curse quite a bit in his routines and realized it was not helping his career. He made a conscious decision to make his material appropriate for even his children. In fact, he brought his son to his first “clean” comedy show and told him to keep track of any times he used inappropriate language. He cleaned up his act, literally, and started to see more success in his career. He quickly realized this was the way to go and started collaborating with his wife on some of his material. With five kids and a Catholic background, he has developed some fantastic material over the years. He has appeared on so many TV shows that he decided to start his own. Gaffigan is hilarious and is perfect for all types of audiences!


Taylor Mason has a variety of talents that he combines into his comedy routines. Not only is he funny, but he is also a musician and a talented ventriloquist. He was raised in a conservative home and realized there weren’t many choices in the world of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. There was either adult shows or comedy aimed at children. At the time, there weren’t any choices in family friendly stand up comedy shows to bring the whole family together for a night of fun. Taylor Mason set out to change that and be an avenue of comic relief for families, corporations, religious events and commercial television. In one fantastic routine, he talks about the differences of people’s personalities depending on their birth order. It is applicable no matter what your background is, and it is hilarious!


Bill Engvall is an edgier, comedian that works clean. You will probably recognize from one of his many television appearances. Most notably, he was a part of the Blue Collar Comedy tour and played Jeff Foxworthy’s best friend. He has a routine about the differences between a bad day for a man and a bad day for a woman, which is hysterical and will make your audience roar with laughter.


Daren Streblow has proven that you do not have to be obscene to make people laugh. Not everything has to be off-color, filled with cursing or insult someone until they cry to be funny. He takes everyday situations and points out the humor in each circumstance. Streblow is also very talented at intertwining inside information about some of the party-goers into his routines while still keeping it fun vs. mean. Even the party-goers will be laughing at themselves!  Daren Streblow comes across as a wholesome storyteller using observational comedy, but there’s a biting wit beneath it that catches you off guard and makes you laugh harder than you thought you would. He’s been performing since1998, so he’s gotten pretty good at it now. He hosts the Daren Streblow Comedy Show, an hour-long radio show that airs in fifty states.


Henry Cho has appeared on many late night talk shows and has even hosted a television show! Cho is a full-blooded Korean, who was raised in Tennessee and makes many jokes about the Southern customs and culture as well as being the only Korean family in the whole state. He is a great comedian who keeps it clean while joking on himself and his surroundings!


Michael Joiner’s sarcasm and wit are refreshing. He combines those attributes with family friendly stand up comedy and he does it effortlessly. He tells it as it is. Michael Joiner talks about the things that everyone thinks and does so without apology. His approach to humor is so natural; you can tell he is at ease on the stage. It’s no surprise that Michael Joiner was called the “Funniest Comic in L.A.” in 2008.


Watching Anthony Griffith work is like enjoying a show from a different generation. His tonality is such that he brings you along in a story like you are strolling next to him on a mile summer evening. His relaxing style endears audiences to him with incredible ease.

Interested in Booking a Family Comedian?

The benefit of finding a clean stand-up comedian is that you can also have them for work parties, charity events or other activities with mixed company. You will never have to worry about what material they might share or be cringing as you hear something off-color. Whether you are planning a party and need an entertainer or are looking for a stand up comedy show as a fun family activity, here are some excellent choices for fantastic comedians that will leave everyone laughing hysterically.

Finding a comedian that you wouldn’t be nervous about exposing to your teenager or your mother is a difficult feat indeed. The comedians listed in this article will make quick work of that task. If you are looking for family friendly stand up comedy look no further! One of these professionals is sure fit nicely in your event.

Clean comedians are such a benefit to the entertainment culture. You never have to be cautious of who may hear the jokes or what language they are going to use because the material is acceptable for everyone! Whether it is a family function or a corporate event, these comedians are sure to deliver!

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