Our Top 5 Most Favorite Dry Bar Comedy Moments

Dry Bar Comedy Cleto Rodriguez

Written by Tim Grable

August 8, 2022

If you’ve been keeping up with Dry Bar Comedy over the years, then you most likely know that they’ve grown to be one of the most significant sources of online comedy.

Their platform has come to encompass performances from all comedy genres, and it’s safe to say that there’s a bit of something for everyone.

As long-time fans, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of our favorite moments from Dry Bar’s collection. Be sure to read the following article, because, who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favorite entertainer.

1. Cleto Rodriguez – Losing Your Ring

Cleto Rodriguez is a familiar face on the platform, having been featured quite a few times and making sporadic guest appearances.

Our favorite moment from his performances has to be his stand-up bit titled “Losing Your Ring,” – where Cleto talks about a marriage mishap where he was about to get into a lot of trouble at home for losing the prized wedding ring.

What’s not to love about it? Cleto is a highly charismatic storyteller; his high-energy performance fills the room with laughter.

Watch Cleto Rodriguez perform at the following link:

2. Dennis Regan – Failing Out of Kindergarten

Dennis is a comedy veteran in every sense of the word. He’s been doing shows since the late 80s and found footing as an in-demand comedian for late-night shows.

When Dry Bar Comedy launched, Dennis was one of the first comedians to be featured on the platform. And his first special, “Failing Out of Kindergarten,” was a hit with the audiences and us – we look at it fondly to this day.

What we love the most about it is that Dennis tells a story about his first day at kindergarten, but he manages to make it seem so over the top that it’s almost unreal.

Catch the rest of Dennis’ story in the following video:

3. Fred Klett – One of Ten

Few can tackle the topic of spanking and make something funny. However, comedian Fred Klett manages to tell a witty and insightful story about his childhood, growing up with 9 other siblings.

As a comedian, he has this stern, almost monotonous delivery that explodes into a punchline at the end. It gives him room to tell a cohesive story while catching the audience off-guard with a bombastic conclusion.

What we like the most about his show is that it’s not just a story but more like a mirror into Fred’s life and the events that led him to develop a hilarious personality.

Catch Fred’s entire special in the following link:

4. Kevin Jordan – The Funniest Police Officer

We’re not the only ones who loved Kevin Jordan’s performance. His full Dry Bar Comedy special has over 6 million views on YouTube, making it a viral hit.

The reason it’s so beloved is because of Kevin’s expressive personality and ability to convey a wide array of emotions through gestures, calculated delivery, and his distinctive low-pitched voice.

The stories he tells are also not to be ignored, especially those involving a questionable police raid.

If you’re interested to find out how it went, then check out Kevin’s performance in the following video:

5. Jim McCue – Crowd Roasting

Crowd work is expected in stand-up shows. However, what’s not so common is interacting with the audience for the entirety of the comedy special. It takes a lot of gusto for a comedian to create so many jokes off the top, especially under the pressure of an entire audience hall. However, Jim McCue did it quite successfully.

He started his special by asking people in the audience about themselves and roasting them based on their answers. As you can expect, the outcome was funny, and it provided Jim the perfect segue into the later part of the special, where he told stories about previous quips with the audience.

Want to catch his interactions with the audience? Then be sure to check Jim’s performance in the following video:

Like Dry Bar Comedy?

We hope that you liked our picks from Dry Bar’s catalog. Of course, your list may differ, but there’s no doubt that the comedians we’ve showcased are masters of their craft.

If you’re interested in emulating the same experience of a Dry Bar show, then why not book them for an upcoming event?

Give us a call at 615-283-0039, and we’ll get you in contact with them!

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