Five Amazing Los Angeles Entertainers

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Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. This is the city where the dreamers go to reach the limits of their imagination and creativity whether it be in music or television or film. On the stage as well, Los Angeles is the place that many entertainers cut their teeth and find out whether they are made for the business or not. The artists are numerous, the acts are plenty, and the variety is endless. Moreover, this city being the capital, Los Angeles entertainers are the best at their craft and – if you’re looking in the right places – are guaranteed to give you your money’s worth if not much, much more. Fortunately, this is the right place for these following performers known as best in show.

Los Angeles Entertainers You Can Hire

Five Amazing Los Angeles Entertainers

Dana Daniels - Comedian Magician Psychic Connection

The Academy of Magical Arts has awarded Dana Daniels Comedy Magician of the Year, along with Stage Magician of the Year – twice. With these accolades, it is obvious why companies like Frito-Lay and McDonald’s have brought him in to perform at their corporate events. With quick-hitting comedy and unbelievable magical acts, Dana Daniels has amazed and motivated all across the country.

Scott Wood - Impressions

For twenty years, Scott Wood has landed in clubs, churches, and on television with his unique comedic and impressionist acts. He is a regular in Los Angeles, performing at well-known clubs like The Laugh Factory and putting audiences on the floor with his hilarious one-liners and improvisations. His record of corporate events is extensive with appearances at Disney, Toyota and Home Depot.

Best known for his roles in hit Hollywood films, Sinbad grew up on stage at comedy clubs across the country making crowds roll in laughter. However, it is not with jokes, he says, it is simply with stories of real life as those are the stories with the hardest hitting punchlines. He is a unique method of comedy and performance art that has been well received as a thrilling show by audiences every time.

Ron Pearson - Comedy Promo

Ron Pearson has proven bonafide among Los Angeles entertainers having been chosen by such superstars as Ellen Degeneres and Drew Carey to perform comedy for their respective studio audiences. Likewise, companies – such as Verizon, Miller, Pepsi Cola, and many others – have employed his services as a captivating and extremely talented entertainer to bring the house down at their corporate events.

Ron McGehee - Botox

No stranger to huge audiences, Ron McGehee has headlined far and wide, including in front of 40,000 captivated onlookers at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love Conference. He is also paid his dues at more intimate events, making the audience laugh at clubs like The Comedy Store. With a unique upbringing as a half-Irish, half-Korean, Asian American, he happens to be one of the most sought after Los Angeles entertainers for corporate events.

If you are looking for an artist, there is no better spot on Earth than LA to find just the right one. Moreover, these five Los Angeles entertainers are perhaps the cream of the very fertile crop of performers calling the city home.

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