Five Entertainment Business Ideas to make Your Event Unforgettable

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Written by Tim Grable

March 22, 2017

Five Entertainment Business Ideas to make Your Event UnforgettablePlanning an event. It is easy, right? It is a fundraiser. It is a corporate retreat. It is a gala to spread the word. Easy enough so far. Next comes the questions of whom to invite, where they will gather, and what they will eat. Then are the details like where will they park, who will serve the food and drinks and, most importantly, what will make the night memorable. What is going to be your entertainment business ideas to create an event that the attendees will rave about?

Hiring entertainment can be intimidating for anyone, but our entertainment business ideas can take the heaviest load off of your shoulders so that you can work to make your function magical. Simply look at what you are planning. Is it something motivational? Is it something promotional? Here are our Five Easy Steps For Making Your Event A Night They Will Never Forget.

Unforgettable Entertainment Business Ideas

Step 1: Adam Trent

A magician with a boyish face that belies the talent inside, Adam is snazzy in his delivery and style. He incorporates music and comedy into his show and draws the audience into his world. Adam is the only person to win back to back medals at the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians’ Pro Magic Challenge.

Step 2: Dennis Regan

A Miami, Florida native, Dennis is a comedian who talks about life with wonderful experience and nails it each time. Dennis wrote for TV series “The King of Queens” for four years and has been showcased on Letterman and Leno multiple times, along with many other TV appearances and voice work.

Step 3: Carlos Oscar

Carlos presents family and life as seen through the eyes of a New Yorker raised in California. He is a riotous comedian who only needs a bar stool and a mic to give his audience a great time. His quick pace and keen observations will keep you in tears of laughter.

Step 4: Bria Kelly

Bria is a little dynamo with a huge sound. Bria performs classic covers from the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin, and The Beatles, just to name a few. Her incredible voice will thrill and inspire everyone, just as she did when she appeared on season six of “The Voice”.

Step 5: Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo is an amazing Sand Artist and speaker who performs both English and Spanish. His talent lies not just in the words he says, but in the fantastic pictures he portrays through the use of sand art, projected on a huge screen for all the audience to see and enjoy.

Whatever your looking for, we have the entertainment business ideas that you will enjoy perusing, looking for that just right someone who will work with you to make your event something spectacular. Whether it’s great music, great laughs, or unusual artistry, you will enjoy, and be rewarded, in taking the time to look through our entertainment business ideas for the person you want to make your next event a huge success.

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