Five Funny Youtube Video Ideas for Corporate Events


Written by Tim Grable

April 6, 2017

Five Funny Youtube Video Ideas for Corporate Events Stand Up Comedians bring a special something to events, don’t they? Having someone on hand who can crack a joke about anything and everything, involve the audience, and make you grab your gut in laughter is a talent unto itself. The five entertainers profiled here excel at doing just that. They stop you in your tracks, change your perception of what the night will be like, and guide you down a path you are all too willing to go on. Their hilariously funny YouTube video ideas are testaments to their abilities. If you give them a couple of minutes to show you, their jokes will stick with you for a long time to come.

If you feel like laughing – and I mean really laughing – check out the funny YouTube video ideas from Tom Cotter, Dennis Regan, Jeff Allen, the legendary Sinbad, and John Heffron:

Funny Youtube Video Ideas from Corporate Entertainers

Tom Cotter

You do not get to be the first comedian to reach the finals on the popular television show “America’s Got Talent” without being special. He can find the “odd” in just about everything including the fairy tales we grew up hearing as children. If you’ve seen his funny YouTube video ideas and his Comedy Central show “Comedy Central Presents… Tom Cotter” you know he is one to watch.


Sinbad shows you what a true stand up comedian does. He has honed his skill over the years so that being on stage is just like second nature. His smooth delivery is disarming. No topic is off limits. Before you know it you are laughing your head off uncontrollably.

John Heffron

If you don’t remember the good old days, John Heffron will remind you. He talks about the things that our parents used to let us do when we were kids and shows how we came out ok… and then he makes you wonder… John Heffron has an amazing knack for making us laugh at our interesting history.

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen talked about life – plain and simple. He makes you see how funny it can be – the ups and downs, confusion and turmoil. Poking fun at the nuances of conversation is a specialty of his. Sometimes we just need to laugh at the mundane and knows exactly how to get us to do so.

Dennis Regan

Classically comes to mind when you watch a Dennis Regan performance. He tells a joke – he does not just rely on antics or props to make you laugh. He makes you laugh with an honest to goodness, button-popping joke. He talks about the stuff we see every day and helps you to realize the ridiculous reality of the life we live.

If you can’t get enough of these funny YouTube video ideas, imagine what seeing these comedians perform in a longer show. These comedians give a professional performance ever time and keep their audiences laughing long after the event is over. Consider booking a funny comic for your next event – you’ll be glad you did!

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