Have you seen a Good Clean Ventriloquist?

Taylor Mason: Among Clean Comedians, He’s the Voices of a Generation

Written by Tim Grable

March 17, 2017

Have you seen a Good Clean Ventriloquist? Taylor Mason is a good clean ventriloquist that has a reputation for worrying his clients. It is not that his shows are bad, he always seems to leave them wondering how they are going to top them in the future.

Mason brings a full arsenal to his performances, expertly blending musical talents, stand-up and ventriloquism — creating the perfect recipe for a memorable night full of laughs from a witty and polished master of his craft.

Audiences will be pleased to know that Mason is involved with the crowd on a personal level, taking the time to share his wonderful persona with people who leave his shows feeling like they just made a friend.

Taylor Mason is good clean and funny

Taylor’s puppet companions have distinct and hilarious personalities, and everything down to their accents and body language is just begging for a laugh.

Mason has shared his considerable talents across the nation for over a quarter of a century. He is never had a “real” job and started out in venues such as the Second City Theater in Chicago before eventually appearing for popular comedy clubs and working for well-known corporate clients across the nation. Part of his appeal is the diverse number and types of audiences that find his shows to be spectacular.

If you’ve never watched Taylor Mason perform, you have missed a good clean laugh! Taylor Mason is a comedian/ventriloquist/musician and he puts on quite a show. He has a variety of characters with his puppet/dummies and loves to get the audience involved in his routines. Taylor has been known to carry luggage in public places and to have voices coming from the luggage to get a laugh. He is well known in the clean comedy circles and is a joy for the entire family to see.

Taylor Mason is often booked for family nights for a night of pure comedy. He has appeared on all of the videos in the “Thou Shall Laugh” video series. His puppets are cute, colorful, and funny, and each one has a distinct but humorous personality. He often has them talk to people in the audience, and they make impromptu remarks back to the individuals regarding their occupation. He is a delightful person with a quick wit who provides his audiences with more than their money’s worth. They get a night of good clean humor and are guaranteed to leave his show with smiles on their faces.

For years, comedian and ventriloquist Taylor Mason have been entertaining audiences with his sharp wit and hilarious material. Mason has provided laughs in just about every setting imaginable, including everything from the public library to Carnegie Hall. He enjoys writing material on a variety of topics. Mason’s versatility brings him into contact with several different corporate clients, including Wal-Mart and Disney. He is happy to entertain audiences of all ages, from little kids to college students and even nursing home residents.

Recently, Mason brought his comedic talents to the television with the “You do not Have to be a Farmer” campaign for Farm Bureau Insurance. He and his puppet (or rather, farmer) friend Clay argue and joke around, all the while letting viewers know that they can obtain Farm Bureau Insurance, even if their profession lies outside of agriculture. The advertising campaign provides a refreshing break from the crude humor commonly seen on TV these days. Although it is clean enough for young ears, Mason’s act is anything but boring.

For additional information on comedian Taylor Mason call 615-283-0039.

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