The Best Fun Events for Conferences

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Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2017

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Five Fun Events for Conferences that will Entertain everyone

Fun Events for Conferences  Conferences can be a blast or a bore, and no doubt you’ve heard talk of both. What keeps customers coming back to your conference has more to do with fun events for conferences, rather than all the classes themselves. When you think about how to entertain your tired crowd after the classes and food are all gone, look no further than this great group of high-quality entertainers! We have it all – award winning magicians, percussionists, sand story tellers, and comedians. These guys have all been featured in a variety of settings with many audience types, so they are easily adaptable to even the strangest situations, they are fun events for conferences. The talent is deep here, so it’s ready to find an act that fits the theme of your event. Choose a classy artist, some crazy trash can musicians, or a troupe of improvers to make your next event a hit!

Adam Trent

[vimeo 96959594]
Adam Trent lights up the stage with his dancing, singing and comedy routines in addition to his sparkling illusions. He is the youngest and only magician to win back to back medals in the P.C.A.M. Pro Magic challenge. He has performed on cruise ships, college campuses, Disney Channel’s ‘Shake It Up” and “Last Comic Standing.” His experience makes him perfect for any audience, with a skill set ready to thrill.

The Bucket Boys

The Bucket Boys bring their unique talents to center stage as they drum out their percussion routine on hardware supplies and then surprise with their quick wit on the microphone. They are expert percussionists, but choose the most necessary instruments that are sure to surprise. Their resume includes America’s Got Talent, the N.A.C.A circuit and international tours. Who knew a bucket and trash can sound this good?

Joe Castillo

[vimeo 91760054]
Joe Castillo is no stranger to the conference circuit, and his beautiful sand art has amazed audience’s time and time again. He draws interactive performances using projection, and tells stories to an always captive audience. His art is world-renown, and he has performed for major corporations, Fortune 500 companies and dignitaries around the globe. Experience the magic of Joe’s unique talent when you need fun events for conferences.

Bob Nelson

[vimeo 98604290]
Corporate comedian Bob Nelson is no stranger to the world of laughing at yourself – or your boss! He uses a variety of punchy characters – nerds, athletes, and a hillbilly chicken farmer – much like Red Skelton. He’s toured with the great Rodney Dangerfield and had two HBO specials of his own. His exuberant comedy is sure to get a laugh from even the stuffiest of bosses!

The Panic Squad

The Panic Squad features a group of guys on a mission – to show that improve comedy can be hilarious AND clean. Best of all, there is no need to worry about the content getting sketchy here. Their hilarious brand brings all the best and leaves the embarrassment behind in a high-quality comedy experience that will delight any audience. With style like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, they will get your audience involved and let the good times role!

We got it all – the multi-acts, the crazy performers, and the comedians that just won’t quit! Make your event one that’s talked about in a good way. Choose an entertainer that will blow their socks off – and that’s easy to do with the group we got. Give us a call to book fun events for conferences.

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