9 Amazing and Fun Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas (updated for 2019)

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Written by Tim Grable

March 7, 2017

Is it time to get the party started? Do you know what you are going to do? If you are looking for holiday party ideas consider hiring an entertainer. Comedians, magicians, musicians, and improv troupes have a way of livening up the festivities and making people feel comfortable. They are the perfect addition to a party of any kind, let alone a holiday party. They can help you celebrate Christmas, a big deal for the company, meeting end of year numbers or ring in the new year. If you are looking for great holiday party ideas, you’ve found it!

Throwing a huge party can be stressful. There are too many variables to consider, like transportation, location, and refreshments. The last thing someone wants to think about during the party is keeping the guests entertained. Even though small talk and refreshments are not enough to keep everyone entertained for the whole night, it is much work wasted if everyone goes home after a couple of hours.  Fun Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas do not have to be expensive or stressful to arrange. One of the best ways to keep everyone happy is to hire a live entertainer that can awe the crowd and have them laughing in no time.

9 Amazing and Fun Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas (updated for 2019)

The Best Fun Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas

Piff the Magic Dragon is such a person and Mr Piffles is his dog. As a magician and a comedian, he will have everyone hanging at the edges of their seats. You might already be familiar with him if you saw him perform with Shania Twain, America’s Got Talent or tour with Mumford and Sons. Watch him breathe fire and entertain you and your friends for hours on end.

Joe Castillo is an artist who does sand paintings on a light table; then the story is projected onto a large screen. Powerful music plays, all the while telling a mesmerizing sand story. He is branded as a motivator. It is just amazing!

Haven’t you ever want to hear some of your most dignified friends say silly things in front of a bunch of people? Well, now you can with Taylor Mason’s ventriloquism. He’ll take volunteers from the audience, put a mask on them and have them say things that will have you and your guests dying of laughter. Taylor Mason makes you laugh at the realities of life. He seems harmless enough, which is why you do not see him coming most of the time.  A triple threat – puppeteer, musician, and stand up comic – Taylor Mason will make you laugh, and laugh hard. When brainstorming fun holiday party entertainment ideas, it is good to keep Taylor Mason in mind.

If you enjoy theatrical storytelling, then Bob Stromberg is the act to go with. He will tell you a whole story and act it out, too, using shadow puppets. This is a great way to keep everyone entertained as they watch him tell silly stories and change characters quickly and effortlessly. He’ll even let you try your hand at shadow puppets if he needs an assistant.

Make your friends believe in magic again with illusionist Adam Trent, who will blow your mind with different card tricks and make you not believe your eyes. Leave everyone stunned after watching Adam’s teleportation trick, or make cards change color by just throwing it up in the air.

Have everyone falling out of their seats with laughter by having comedian Mark Schiff tell them hilarious monologs. He has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with David Letterman, cracking everyone up with his clean comedy routine.

Talent comes in many forms. Ken Groves has it in droves as a ventriloquist. There are no words he cannot say and try as you might; you will not see his lips move. Go ahead – try. While you are watching don’t forget to laugh because his routine is super funny.

Michael Joiner’s brand of comedy is, in a word, familiar. Not in the sense that you’ve heard it before, but more so that he knows you and you know him. He speaks about the things you are thinking in a way that sounds so much like your inner voice it is astounding. His effortless delivery will resonate with you.

Fish Sticks gives you charades kicked up a notch. Audience participation is key in their show. They get the audience involved by letting them se the parameters for the skit – the goal, the utensils used, the location, etc. Then they perform everything without using words with the hopes that person they have selected will guess what is going on. It is great interactive fun!

When looking for Fun Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas, always keep live performers in mind. They will entertain your guests and keep them talking about your party for a long time.  Hire a entertainer for your holiday party and everyone will go to you for great holiday party ideas for years to come.

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