Who should be on a list of the funniest clean comedians?

Written by Tim Grable

March 9, 2017

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As an event planner, it is hard to find talented artists who produce clean content. This goes doubly for comedians, as it is one of the art forms most vulnerable to shock value. Finding a entertainer who can keep the laughs coming without offending the audience is a tall task. Everyone wants to find the person who can make the crowd howl with laughter without dropping twenty f-bombs in ten minutes. Granted, many of these foul-mouthed comedians can be hilarious in the right setting, but it is hard to tell who has the material that has the best corporate clean comedy.  That is why this list of the funniest clean comedians has been devised. They can be counted on to entertain without the stress of worrying whether or not they are going to go on a rant about something unsavory.

Who should be on a list of the funniest clean comedians?

Top 10 Funniest Clean Comedians

If you like food humor, Jim Gaffigan is your man. This silly, pale superstar has material spanning all food genres, including Hot Pockets, breakfast for lunch, and anything else imaginable on the subject. Of course, food is not the only topic Gaffigan undertakes, but all of them are swear-free and unlikely to ruffle many feathers. In fact, Jim Gaffigan performed for the Pope during his most recent visit to Philadelphia. It’d be hard to find a more morally strict audience than that.

Jeff Allen is another comedian who will entertain without getting under people’s skin. His self-deprecating humor often revolves around himself and his life experiences. Since the late 1970’s, Jeff Allen has been practicing comedy in a wholesome way and is now one of the funniest clean comedians out there.

With his goofy facial expressions and vocal inflections, Brian Regan’s antics alone are enough to hire him for your next event. His observational humor is relatable and wholesome. Whether he be joking about pop tarts or a trip to the hospital, his comedy is clean and will keep the audience in stitches.

A dry delivery and a bright smile is Ryan Hamilton’s specialty. He can go from monotone to animated at a moment’s notice, and his delivery leaves the crowd cackling every time. His story oriented comedy is both silly and smart, with a healthy mix of universal appeal and his Midwestern personal experiences.

As Joey Gladstone on Full House, Dave Coulier made himself a household name in the early nineties as the houseguest and best friend of Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse. Coulier is still touring today, though his act is the near opposite of what Bob Saget attempted after he left the show. Dave Coulier invokes his inner voice actor in his set, doing impressions and imitations of famous figures and cartoon characters. His content would appeal to Full House fans of any age.

Henry Cho is one of the most unique comedians who is currently practicing. Being raised in a Korean family in Knoxville, Tennessee gives him an outlook on life that not many others have experienced. He brings his upbringing to the stage and keeps it clean without sacrificing content. It would be hard to name another comedian with a more diverse background, giving him a lot to draw from and making his comedy original and fresh every time.

The half-baked star, Jim Breuer, has a comedy routine that is anything but. Known for playing one of the most iconic stoner characters of all time, Breuer is a clean comedian and a relatively responsible adult. Despite playing a druggy, he stays sober and keeps his content family friendly.

Robert G Lee brings his past to life every time he takes to the stage. With observations and stories, the audience gets the sense of a memoir unfolding before them, with many laughs to be had. The subject matter is always clean, which can sometimes be a difficult terrain to traverse while keeping universal appeal. Lee does this with respect and dignity, poking fun at the aspect that can be agreed upon.

Ron Pearson combines all of his talents to the stage, which includes at least one world record for juggling. He uses props to enhance his comedy and sometimes to assist in telling a story. He does mostly physical humor, and the results are both impressive and hilarious. He is a comedian who can make you gasp without saying a word, and without sacrificing a clean set.

How many redneck jokes are too many? Jeff Foxworthy is still trying to figure that out. Foxworthy has been a household name in comedy for over two decades and continues to grow in popularity. Unlike some of the other Blue Collar Comedy members, Foxworthy keeps his material clean and family friendly. He would be the first on many people’s list of the funniest clean comedians of all time.

Finding the funniest clean comedians for your event is a daunting task. If you need a clean comedian, the pickings get slimmer. This list should assist in the search for the perfect person to mix wholesome values with a constant supply of laughs. Comedy without offending anyone is a tight line to walk, but these comedians are some of the best at it.

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