Meet 8 Of The Funniest Comedians From America’s Got Talent

Taylor Williamson

Written by Tim Grable

November 24, 2018

Nowadays, companies and organizations have a multitude of options when it comes to hiring entertainment for their special events. Comedians from America’s Got Talent are a popular choice because they are suitable for almost every type of event you might be organizing.

People are always in the mood to hear amazing jokes, so you will never go wrong when hiring a comedian. Moreover, the entertainer can keep your audience engaged throughout the entire performance so that no dull moment will occur.

Performers from all over the world participate in AGT to showcase their talent in front of the American public.

Some have intricate mentalism tricks, and others pull off death-defying acrobatics. And then there are the AGT Comedians; those talented entertainers who make the audiences burst into laughter with only a mic and maybe a few props.

This is a clear indicator that comedy has a place in people’s hearts and therefore will always bring in a crowd.

Read on to learn more about eight of the funniest comedians from AGT you can hire for your next event.

America’s Got Talent. For Entertainment

1. Taylor Williamson

He jokingly introduces himself as the “second most talented person in America.” This alludes to the results of the 8th season of NBC’s AGT.

During that season, he made it all the way to the finals of the show.

Taylor Williamson

Eventually, he finished as a runner-up. This is no laughing matter – as Taylor is one of the few AGT Comedians to make it this far in the competition.

However, what is worthy of getting plenty of laughter is … his act. You see, Taylor developed a unique style of self-deprecating humor. Also, he uses it to great success, as proven by his mass-appeal. People love his quirky attitude and clever gags.

Ever since his breakthrough on AGT, he has been touring around the world and headlining comedy festivals. Nowadays, he continues to put a smile on people’s faces.

2. Preacher Lawson

His name is Preacher Lawson and if you haven’t been tuning in for the 12th season of America’s Got Talent, know he has had a very successful run on the show.

As a young comedian, he saw his career skyrocket after he participated on Got Talent and made it all the way into the finals. His rise to fame has been meteoric.

Preacher Lawson

During his run, Preacher had an instant connection with the audience and was one of the most loved figures on the show.

As a comedian, Preacher has a goofy yet simple, slapstick brand of humor. He comes up on stage and starts making funny impressions of day-to-day occurrences.

At first, a subject might seem mundane, yet it starts to become interesting once Preacher begins to poke fun at it. Everyone can relate to him and what he’s saying, and that’s what makes his performance such a pleasure to watch.

3. Terry Fator

At this point, he has become a legend. He is the guy today’s’ comedians from America’s Got Talent are being compared to.

It all started all the way back in 2007, during the 2nd season of AGT. Terry participated in the competition to showcase his ventriloquism skills, and was an instant success with the audience and judges.  He was the winner of AGT season two, and received the million dollar prize.   The next year, he was sign as the headliner for his own show at The Mirage hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada with a five-year, $100 million contract.

Terry was a finalist in the competition, and after what he called “the best performance he ever made,” Terry was up on stage awaiting the final vote from the public.

So as it turned out, the public voted for him, and he ended up winning the competition.

Terry’s style of comedy combines ventriloquism and singing. He brings many of his dolls on stage, and a hilarious scenario ensues.

His act consists of jokes told back and forth between him and the dolls, dialogues and many songs that are performed in many voices. Overall, his performance is an all-rounder that everyone will enjoy.

4. Harrison Greenbaum

Harrison Greenbaum Funniest Comedians From America's Got Talent

Harrison Greenbaum performed a stand-up comedy act on America’s Got Talent season 12. He is so passionate about comedy that he presents at least 600 shows every year. This is the reason why TimeOut NY and the NY Daily News called him “the hardest-working man in comedy.”

Harrison was a summa cum laude graduate of Harvard, where he studied English and psychology. During his studies, he co-founded the Harvard College Stand-Up Comic Society, which is still popular nowadays.

He quickly became one of the most in-demand stand-up comedians in New York City.

Harrison was featured on various TV shows, such as NBC’s Last Comic Standing, AXS.TV’s Gotham Comedy Live and National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games.

He is a skilled comedian who performed at various events and venues, from theaters to comedy clubs, and so no matter your needs, Harrison’s unique style of comedy can help you save the day.

5. Dan Naturman

Dan Naturman was a semifinalist on America’s Got Talent season 9. He started performing stand-up comedy while he was in law school. Soon after graduation, Dan realized comedy is his true calling and decided to perform full time.

He is one of the few AGT comedians who charms audiences with a combination of self-deprecation and downright grouchiness.

Thanks to his unique comedy style, he has earned himself a spot on several late night television shows, such as the Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and he was also featured in his own Comedy Central Presents special.

If you are looking for a comedian who tells hilarious jokes about different aspects of his life, then Dan is the guy.

6. Tom Cotter

Realistic and cynical at times, Tom Cotter knows how to show you where to find the funny in life. He talks matter-of-factly about the exciting twists and turns that life has in store and makes you see that same quality in your experiences.  Tom Cotter is the first comedian who was a finalist on America’s Got Talent. His high-energy, rapid-fire style leaves audiences no chances but to laugh non-stop during his performance.

Due to the fact he finished the show in the second place, Tom gained massive recognition in the comedy industry.

However, even before he became famous for appearing on AGT, he won the Seattle International Comedy Competition, the grand prize at The Boston Comedy Festival and was voted “Best Stand-Up” at The Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

Tom was also featured on popular TV shows, such as The Tonight Show, “Last Comic Standing,” The Today Show, The Late Late Show or Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend.”

7. Derek Hughes

Derek is a ‘standup magician,’ as he calls himself, and at America’s Got Talent he showed what it means to deliver a comedy act with a (magic) twist.

So much so he went all the way to the finale.

Derek owes the high level of his skill to his previous work as:

  • creative contributor to MTV’s Room 401
  • part of the creative team behind the Magic Clerk sketches on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • magic coach for VH1’s reality production Celebracadabra.

What solidified his status as an accomplished comedian is the invitation he got for HBO’s Comedy Arts Festival. Also, during his time on AGT Season 10, Derek proved he’s equally well-versed in both laughs and illusion.

A truly memorable performance of Derek’s could be seen during the Semifinals round when Hughes showed another side of his illusionist skillset. He appeared on stage dressed up in pajamas and reading a Humpty Dumpty bedtime story, only to rip the pages apart into tiny bits and then magically make them regain their initial shape.

Derek chose to stray away from the usual sleight-of-hand act and packaged his appearance using original, funny storytelling.

8. Jim Meskimen

Another way comedians can both amuse and amaze audiences is by presenting outstanding impersonation skills.

Jim did exactly that during his time on Season 8 of AGT, whose audience validated his already proven skills in vocal mimicry.

These skills are on full display in Jim’s Jimpressions, a 90-minute feast featuring more than 60 celebrities. It’s also worth mentioning Jim’s abilities have generated viral YouTube videos like ‘Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices’ or ‘Celebrity Alphabet.’

In his AGT quarterfinal act, Jim dared the audience and the judges to pick random celebrities from a list, which he then started to imitate, having everyone roaring with laughter. And tons of applause afterward showing why he is one of the funniest comedians from America’s Got Talent.

The right entertainment can make the most significant difference when it comes to the atmosphere which is created during the event and the thoughts your guests will have after it is over.

When everyone is laughing and having a good time, then you know that comedy is a good investment. If you want your event to offer the audience an unforgettable experience, then don’t miss the chance to work with these comedians.

Get Comedians from America’s Got Talent for Your Event

We’re here to spot the talents you need for a madly successful event.

We can help you navigate the list of amazing the best performers who are all the caliber of the eight presented above.

If you want to book one of these eight talented AGT Comedians, don’t hesitate to contact us at (615) 283-0039, and we will help you book them!

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