Is Jeff Allen on you list of Funny Christian Marriage Speakers?

Comedian Jeff Allen

Written by Tim Grable

April 13, 2017

Is Jeff Allen on you list of Funny Christian Marriage Speakers? Jeff Allen is back with a new stand up comedy bit on the secret to marital bliss. His clean comedy observations on relationships, family life, and Christian marriage draw out the enthusiastic laughter of assent from his audience as they come to see themselves in his all-too-human anecdotes. When was the last time you tried hitchhiking in a lima bean suit?

Looking for funny Christian marriage speakers?

Jeff performs widely and is as likely to put his skills in the service of a fundraiser or corporate event as he is a VH1 special. Audiences at his shows do not always realize that the unassuming, funny man onstage has also performed in the highest echelons of comedy because they find him so down-to-earth. Part of the magic of his act is to convince members of the crowd that he could be their funny brother or neighbor when he’s also been a featured performer for a presidential inauguration and two national prayer breakfasts with the president in attendance. Event planners and hosts find that the clean comedy of Jeff Allen scores major points with their best clients.

Jeff’s well-respected presence in the Christian comedy  and Funny Christian Marriage Speakers world has been solidified by over thirty years of consistently hilarious work. His blend of clean sensibilities and acute social observations make him a unique fixture in the landscape of showbiz. In addition to entertaining a sitting president, he’s also been featured on Dry Bar Comedy, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, the Showtime network, and in the hit DVD series Apostles of Comedy, which had a hot reception among audiences and critics alike. He’s even entertained for soldiers in Bahrain and on ships stationed in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. Crowds of all kinds flock to hear Jeff perform, and that’s in no small part thanks to his refreshingly clean humor. It stands out like a neon sign as anyone familiar with the contemporary world of comedy would tell you.

If you’ve been wondering whether there’s elite-grade comedy being done by performers with family-friendly mores, search no more. The clip above offers a representative sampling of Jeff’s relatable, funny jokes. With a keen sense for the everyday ironies of our lives and a confident presence on stage, he grabs the attention of his crowd and doesn’t let go until he’s left them in stitches. Audiences of all ages can take part in the joy of his self-deprecating routine as Jeff makes sure his shtick is free of adults-only content. With an emphasis on marriage and parenting, his act  connects with people in every stage of life.  For someone looking for Funny Christian marriage speakers, Jeff Allen is perfect.

Whatever the event is, Jeff will muster all his powers to make it memorable for attendees. Having done TV and film work, radio appearances, and performances at fundraisers and corporate events, Jeff is prepared for any venue and can deliver laughs for as long as you want him to. A word of warning, though: When Jeff Allen is onstage, you might find that your audience would prefer that his stand up comedy act never come to a close.

Jeff Allen wasn’t always a happy, well-adjusted comedian. At one point, he was a victim of alcohol and drug abuse, living a depressing life, and struggling to get by from day to day. Finally, the threat of losing the one person who had been his touchstone through those struggles made him turn to a new source of strength.

Jeff Allen met his wife Tami in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. She was a club waitress. They fell in love and got married, but as his drinking and drugs slowly tore Jeff’s career apart, their relationship suffered as well. The low point came when, desperate to feed his family, Jeff couldn’t even get a job delivering pizza. After years of rage, sadness, and pain, they decided to end their marriage. With divorce papers signed, they were 10 minutes from the courthouse when they decided to try again. With two children and barely any career left, he  hit rock bottom, turned to Alcoholics Anonymous, recovered himself, and through generous help from a total stranger, found comfort in God.

Comedian Jeff Allen shows why he’s regarded as the world’s funniest, most inspiring comedian in this vulnerable performance. He talks about his battle with alcoholism and rage to finally finding Jesus Christ and a new kind of peace.  Jeff Allen is doing what he’s always dreamed of doing: making people laugh, now Christian comedian Jeff Allen stands up for God.

To book Funny Christian Marriage Speakers and clean comedians like Jeff Allen call 615-283-0039.

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