What Makes Funny Clean Comedians the Perfect Choice for Corporate Events?

What Makes Funny Clean Comedians the Perfect Choice for Corporate Events?

Written by Tim Grable

May 23, 2017

Corporate events are a time for everyone in the office to unwind. That, or to create some fruitful business relationships with your partners.

While the atmosphere is more relaxed, you still need to keep an air of professionalism. Funny clean comedians can do just that, without detracting from the essential element – comedy!

Here is why your corporate event can only benefit from the whole experience:

What Makes Funny Clean Comedians the Perfect Choice for Corporate Events?

1. Clean Comics Always Have a New Act up Their Sleeve

It’s hard to stay relevant in the comedy business. You need at least one, if not all, of the following:

  • Good connections
  • An excellent agent
  • An excellent routine
  • Bravado to pull it off
  • Experience with a variety of crowds

You might not have noticed, but funny clean comedians always have to keep their act fresh.  It’s why they have to work harder than raunchier comedians for their performance.

After all, anyone can create an act around just using the most swear words as adjectives. It’s much harder to create topics that stir a reaction without relying on shock value.

Daren Streblow is an excellent example of how you can create a successful routine without going overboard. He always comes up with refreshing subjects that never lose their touch.

2. You’re Not Restricted to One Venue

Corporate events don’t always take place at restaurants, gala halls, or adult clubs. After all, you might want to change the decor every once in a while.

Comedy performances based on shock value are only fit for comedy clubs. But then again, some of your employees might not enjoy the stuffy and smoke-filled air.

If you’re a younger team, you’ll probably enjoy a park or similar place as your event venue. As such, you need funny clean comedians who won’t scare off onlookers with their act.

It’s an even better idea if your employees need to take their children along. Not everyone can find someone to take care of them while they’re at an event. If they bring the kids with them, you have to ensure some clean comedy.

3. You Avoid Potential Drama

With so much animosity between people nowadays, it’s better to ditch some types of comedy.

We’ve talked previously about comedians who use shock value in their act. That includes making fun of religious or political inclinations, and other sensitive topics.

If you don’t want your event to be a disaster, it’s safer to avoid these issues as much as possible.

Take advantage of the fresh subjects of clean comedy, and don’t take the easy way out. It’s being overdone on late night shows anyway.

men, women, face, people, table, dinner

Your event should be a chance for people to come together and laugh – not kindle new hatreds or fuel old ones.

In the end clean comics can be an asset for any corporate event.

What You Stand to Lose by Not Hiring Funny Clean Comedians

Blue comedy is the use of R-rated jokes and words in entertainment. Clean comics are doing exactly the opposite.

They don’t use racism, sexism or homophobic views to make people laugh. Granted, it can be less popular among younger generations.

But maybe that’s because they grew up with blue comedy. The Internet is filled with R-rated jokes. They are a popular choice when it comes to a comedy film.

That’s why clean comics stay away from that niche. Their humor has more wit. They don’t insult people. They know there are other ways to make people laugh -better ways.

And that is why they are the better choice when it comes to corporate events or fundraisers.

Here’s what you’d be losing by not hiring funny clean comedians for your event:

Guests Could Be Offended by Blue Comedy

What You Stand to Lose by Not Hiring Clean Comedians

Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Seth MacFarlane, Chris Rock and many others use blue comedy in their shows. Many people love it; many people don’t. One thing’s for certain – you can’t bring your kids along.

By hiring a comedian like the ones mentioned above, you take risks. Maybe in some businesses, it’s a smart move. But in the entertainment business, it’s not a good idea.

Your greatest risk is that some part of your audience could feel offended. That means they might just get up and leave.

Not Hiring Clean Comedians Could Hurt Your Brand

chairs, people, conference, empty

Sure, blue comedians are funny. Some of their jokes are smart as well. But there is a higher chance someone will get offended. That’s because they pick on people. They talk about stereotypes. They make fun of race and religious beliefs.

If one of these comedians makes a joke that will offend your event’s attendees, it could hurt your brand. People will talk about it. Everybody speaks of a great event or one that went terribly wrong.

The news will spread faster than you can step in and apologize. Your brand might end up being associated with that event. Instead of talking about your products or services, people will talk about the bad jokes they witnessed.

You Could Lose Opportunities

If the audience feels offended by jokes, they might leave. But that’s not the worse part. People leave even in the middle of a play they don’t like. The damage comes after. If the person that left was one of your business partners, it’s going to get worse.

You could lose valuable opportunities, even potential new clients. You might end up with just one person in the room.

If you’re a charity organization, things are even worse. Donors leaving means you won’t be able to achieve your goal. Your volunteers might feel offended as well.

It all comes down to one decision. Picking the right type of entertainment for your event is crucial. Making the wrong decision can have harsh consequences.

Well, with us, you won’t have to worry about such things. Working with us gets you access to a select pool of clean comedians.

We also have years of experience in organizing different types of events. Corporate parties or charity fundraisers – we have a solution to your problems!

Are you unsure what your options are? We understand clean comedy acts are sometimes overshadowed by their risqué counterparts.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered. Give us a call today and we’ll put you in touch with someone to get your public roaring with laughter.

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