Clean Comedy Skits from Funny Comedians

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Written by Tim Grable

March 4, 2017

clean comedy skitsThere is no subject that comedians consider off-limits when presenting clean comedy skits and stand-up comedy routines. However, too often many feel that entertaining comedy must involve a slew of vulgar words, phrases or other adult only topics. The world of comedy does include a number of talented artists who understand how to tell stories about humanity and receive uproarious laughter without feeling the need to disgust. Take the time to listen to presentations created by the following comedians who have all enjoyed lengthy and successful careers in comedy. From recanting personal experiences to offering their opinions about common situations that millions have encountered, these performers provide the chance to sit back and enjoy a good laugh without censorship. Their clean comedy skits have been seen in every venue imaginable from comedy clubs to nationwide TV networks.

Matt Jernigan

Jernigan originally aspired to break into show business by becoming an actor and followed his dream to Los Angeles. Skillfully playing a number of instruments, he found some work as an actor and musician. He stumbled upon stand-up comedy and for more than a decade has been delighting audiences with his brand of clean humor. Jernigan’s hilarious routines naturally evolve around music, as he impersonates various well-known recording artists by presenting a parody of famous songs.

Ross Bennett

The son of a Marine Colonel, Bennett enlisted in the Army and later went to West Point Academy in the mid 1970s. However, Bennett’s military career was short-lived as he felt his calling was in a comedy club. Dropping out of the renowned institution, he began his career in stand-up and never looked back. Three decades later, he continues evoking laughter from audiences by exposing the lighter side of many everyday human situations.

Bob Stromberg

Growing up in rural northern Pennsylvania, as a child, Bob Stromberg became wildly amused at being able to make classmates laugh. However, having professional educators as parents, his career as a class clown was short-lived. He never gave up on the idea of comedy and eventually began performing professionally. Stromberg’s unique blend of clean humor involves stand-up routines that include telling stories and presenting an array of illusions.

Thor Ramsey

Pastor and comedian Thor Ramsey has been entertaining audiences for more than 20 years with his brand of clean humor that revolves around sharing his exuberant opinions about the human condition. Popular across the country, Ramsey appeared in the “Thou Shalt Laugh” comedy movies and starred in two television series entitled “Bananas” and “Comedy at Large.” His routines remain appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Rik Roberts

Born in Kentucky, Roberts discovered his ability to make people laugh while working at the Simon & Schuster Publishing company in Ohio. More than 15 years later, he is still making people roar with his brand of comedy that offers a bit of down home Southern culture. One of his most popular routines includes his impression of beloved television character Barney Fife.

Each of these successful performers provides a performance consisting of material that viewers of all ages comprehend and laugh at because odds are, they have lived through the circumstance. These artists engage and interact with people on a down to Earth level using impression, music, satire, clean comedy skits and stories that convey what it is like to be human without having the need to shock or insult.

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