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Written by Tim Grable

February 21, 2017

Clean Marriage Jokes – Comedy Videos for Couples

clean marriage jokes

One of the most common ways that humans relate to one another is through stories of friendship, relationships, and marriage. Comedians capitalize on these experiences in their acts because the situations are relatable and entertaining to their audience members. These five comedians describe keen observations and share stories about the ins and outs of the everyday lives of married couples in their acts. Most importantly, these funny men and women have found ways to express their hilarious encounters in wedded bliss by telling clean marriage jokes, free of inappropriate language. From a married couple sharing humorous observations about their life together, to men sharing their perspectives on the subtleties of marriage that we can all relate to, these comics offer laughs that are appropriate for everyone to indulge in.

Jay and Laura Laffoon

Jay and Laura Laffoon dork

Self-described “marriage edu-trainers,” Jay and Laura Laffoon team up to enlighten and amuse others with stories from their 30 years of marriage. For the past 17 years, the Laffoons have devoted their time to events that promote marriage with a comedic twist. Jay and Laura have written books together, created a website, and perform live to share their funny, clean marriage jokes with anyone looking for a laugh with a side of the marital inspiration

Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow: Kids

Daren Streblow, who considers himself a “humor opportunist,” has been performing since 1995. He crafts his comedy by taking observations of his relationship with his wife and four children and weaving these into comical stories and jokes for his audience to enjoy. Streblow’s clean comedy earned him a syndicated radio show in 2011, and a broad audience of fans and listeners.

Steve Geyer

Steve Geyer began performing as a standup comedian in college and was hooked from then on. He became deeply rooted in the Christian faith through his relationship with his wife and toured after their marriage with Christian comedy festival groups. After taking a hiatus from comedy to pursue ministry in 1998, Geyer returned to comedy in 2013. He now balances his work within his faith with his performing.

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen: Short Comedy 2

Jeff Allen, described as a corporate comedian, has performed comedy for over 30 years. Early in his career, Jeff battled drugs and alcohol, turning to religion in 1997. Churches comprise most of Allen’s standup venues, though he has performed at many functions for corporations as well. Jeff has also appeared on comedy specials and in movies, most notably his “Happy Wife, Happy Life” film in 2002.

Rex Havens

When You're the Dumbest Guy in the Room | Rex Havens | Dry Bar Comedy

Rex Havens is a former professor who turned to comedy in the late 1980s. Making a living as a comedian for over 20 years has combined elements of humor and relationship-building into his performances. Havens conducts theater-style shows aimed at helping his audience build and keep satisfying personal or professional relationships through his comedy.

Marriage is full of ups and downs, and audiences can relate to looking back on and laughing at both the good and the bad times. These comedians understand the balance of love and humor in matrimony and deliver laughs with clean marriage jokes that appeal to all.

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