The Funny Clean Stories of Clean Comedians

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Written by Tim Grable

April 14, 2017

The Funny Clean Stories of Clean Comedians Planning a corporate event that requires a fun, family-friendly atmosphere? Then stop waiting around and find yourself a clean comedian! A family-friendly comedian can liven up a room by telling some funny clean stories that everyone in the crowd can relate to. We have all been through some crazy things in our lives, some of which we would never share with others. However, these comic’s do not care! They will share anything! These five entertainers will have you rolling on the floor with their hilarious life stories that have probably made an appearance or two in your life. Everyone at the event is going to have a blast darting looks back and forth at each other among the crazy stories and sarcastic tone that seems to make anything at least ten times funnier. If laughing out loud among your friends and having a excellent time sounds like something you would enjoy, these comedians will inspire you to go out and get one of your own.

6 Funny Clean Stories

Bob Stromberg

A corporate entertainer and inspirational speaker, Bob Stromberg knows exactly how to add some laughing gas to the air with mere words. If he can create fun in a corporate environment, he can create fun anywhere. He gives off the vibe of a fun-loving, down-to-earth guy and comes equipped with some funny clean stories that will make even the most somber crowd come alive.

Joby Saad

This Tennessee native has a wacky demeanor that adds some extra oomph to his jokes. His postures and facial expressions bring out emphasis of each joke as if he is telling them with his body language more than his words. You would not believe it from watching his shows, but Joby had experience on a different kind of stage as well — the bodybuilding stage.

Michael Jr.

Hailing from Dallas Texas, this clean comedian proves that everything is bigger in Texas, including the laughs. A religious man with some comedic flare is sure to bring some funny clean stories into the lives of a crowd. Listening to his words will remind you of all the hilarious predicaments that most people can connect with.

Jeff Allen

The most sarcastic of them all, stand up comedian Jeff Allen has been known to knock people dead with his outrageous family stories that any married man or woman can relate to. This big city man from Chicago has seen it all and wanted you to view the world in a way that allows you to laugh at even the most ordinary circumstances that life puts us in.

Scott Wood

Scott Wood, aka “Mr. Punchline,” is a Christian comedian who is a living symbol of the comedic life force. His presence on stage tells you that he loves what he does and appreciates everything about the art of comedy. He genuinely wants his crowd to feel engaged and to be a part of his relatable stories of life’s frequent mishaps.

David Dean

Making harmless, yet truthful and hilarious jokes about the differences between men and women, comedian David Dean shows that you do not have to use offensive or vulgar language or jokes to make a crowd roar with laughter. With 22 years of experience, comedian David Dean knows how to bring down the house with his witty humor and jokes. Think those Christian comedians are only there to preach to you or tell corny, lame jokes? Even the worst of critics are sure to find David Dean to be a refreshing dose of good, clean fun. Book David Dean for your church group today and show everybody a good time.

Bringing some good-natured humor to the event is the best way to entertain a crowd of down-to-earth people who want to have some memorable laughs with the family. There’s just something special about some naturally good story-telling that both children and adults can follow along with these funny clean stories.

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