6 Funny Clean YouTube Videos


Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

5 Funny Clean YouTube VideosThe person who can tell a good joke can be the life of the party can create funny clean youtube videos and they rarely have nothing to say. However, some jokes can be funny yet inappropriate, which could possibly turn your audience off. Luckily, there are plenty of resources that you can use to help find some clean jokes that are still funny and will create plenty of laughs. If you are looking for the perfect clean comedian for your next event, you can watch funny clean YouTube videos to get more ideas for your jokes. Here are some clean comedians that always find a way to make people laugh.

As we all are inundated with bad news and conflict on a daily basis, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that humor can be funny, uplifting and educational… while of course, providing an enjoyable and relaxing time.

As we struggle more than ever with questions on how to identify our values and place them in the context of our lives — Where are we going? How will we get there? What can we do to become better people, and to know ourselves? — it’s important to take a break from time to time and frame our experiences in light-heartedness and fellow-feeling.

Get A Good Laugh With These Funny Clean YouTube Videos

Daren Streblow is a hilarious, yet clean, comedian who doubles as a radio show host. Streblow has been featured on a variety of different comedy shows, and he even hosted his show The Daren Streblow Comedy Show that is aired on over 100 stations. In this video, Streblow uses his comedy skills to talk about how dirty it is getting into a hot tub – which not only will make your audience laugh, but also make them think about the next time they get into a tub full of strangers.

Taylor Mason is a jack-of-all-trades. Not only is he a hilarious comedian, as he demonstrates in this video, but he is also known for his work as a ventriloquist and musician. In this particular skit, Mason does an excellent job of involving the audience and getting them to laugh as they step outside their comfort zones. If you like this comedy video, then you’ll be happy to know that Mason’s humor gets even better, and equally as clean, with the use of his ventriloquist dummies in other skits.

If you love music and comedy, then look no further than Matt Jernigan for funny clean YouTube videos. In this video, as with all of his other works, Jernigan brings along his guitar to make the audience laugh. Along with his guitar, Jernigan uses this skit to make light of a lot of mundane tasks that most people have to do throughout their daily lives.

Bob Stromberg has no problem using his personal experiences to create clean comedy routines that you can laugh about. This funny video revolves around his life growing up and some of the comedic situations he went through. Stromberg is known for using visual aids and physical comedy to help him get his point across while also making the audience laugh out of their seats.

Brad Stine gives his audience a view into what his marriage is like in this stand-up routine. While some of his topics may seem outlandish, he does a great job of making you scratch your head and say to yourself, “Yep, my spouse is like that too.” As you’ll hear in this skit, many marriages would be much better if men would just learn to keep the toilet seat down!

If you’re looking for intelligent, dignified, but ultimately fun comedy, look no further than the stylings of Paul Aldrich. Featuring family-friendly humor and music that appeals to universal values, Aldrich’s veteran comedy is sure to inspire. A humorist whose interests lie in brilliantly leaving no stone unturned in the world we’ve all found ourselves in, Aldrich was raised and educated in California and honed his observations in helping young people through teaching in youth groups. These experiences have contributed toward a gentle and inspiring message in his work, music, and comedy — and have also provided a means to both educate and make others laugh while doing so.

Dealing with both the day-to-day humor of the more absurd trends among today’s youth, to the serious matters of finding faith in a universe that often tests it, Aldrich distinguishes himself from the crowd by engaging with a humanistic message of hope. In doing, so he tries to make us better people by showing us our strengths in a new light. The care he shows for others, as well as into the writing demonstrated in his performances, is revealing of an outlook that is both worldly-wise and charming.

The world is often a difficult place to find your way in, but humor often has the effect of clarifying and placing into focus the deeper meanings of our actions, as well as the reasons we do what we do.  Jokes and comedy routines do not have to be dirty to be funny. As shown with all of these skits, you can find plenty of funny clean YouTube videos that will help you plan your next special event.

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