Funny marriage counseling jokes to save your marriage

Hilarious: Jeff Allen on the Secret to Marital Bliss

Written by Tim Grable

February 27, 2017

Jeff Allen adores his wife the couple has been married a long time and knows a lot about funny marriage counseling jokes. Even so, Jeff is unafraid of standing in front of strangers and speaking openly about their relationship. In this video, he discusses how they once saw a marriage counselor, a professional whom he paid $5,000 so that he could learn “how to argue.” For some reason, it seems that Mrs. Allen had grown tired of fights that consisted entirely of the phrases “shut up” and “what,” and she had decided that expert guidance was necessary.

This excerpt from Jeff’s act highlights two of his great strengths as a performer. First and most important, he is hilarious. His jokes and quips come at a furious pace, and he has a knack for recreating the important moments of his life with energy and enthusiasm. The second of Jeff’s qualities that come across here is his respect for others. When discussing funny marriage counseling jokes, many comics repeatedly and caustically insult their spouses. Jeff is too subtle and humane for that approach. Instead, he accepts partial blame for those disagreements at home, and he makes sure that audience members understand his wife’s point of view as well as his own.

Funny marriage counseling jokes to save your marriage

It is this depth of insight that allows Jeff Allen to tackle such a wide range of subjects with such originality funny marriage counseling jokes and comic flair. Among his favorite topics are his faith, his children, and his love of golf.

Jeff Allen has performed his brilliant and clean comedy routines throughout the United States. He has entertained at a presidential inauguration, and he has twice served as the featured performer at the National Prayer Breakfast. He was one of the Christian comedians in the popular “Apostles of Comedy” DVD series. He appears regularly on radio and television programs. Jeff Allen has headlined countless corporate functions, military engagements, and casino shows.

On occasion, someone will ask Jeff if he is related to comic Tim Allen. The answer is no, but they do resemble one another physically. They also share a strong everyman appeal. Jeff Allen knows more funny marriage counseling jokes than Tim Allen.

Jeff Allen often jokes about his wife and kids in his relationship humor. Allen is originally from the South Side of Chicago and has been doing comedy for more than 40 years. During his career, Allen has overcome problems with drugs and alcohol. He turned his life around after he hit bottom and almost got a divorce from his wife, Tami. Today Allen lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife and has two sons.

Jeff Allen has the best relationship humor

He often touches upon the topic of his relationship with God, but he also talks about his marriage and children with ADHD. He is known for the phrase “happy wife, happy life,” which is also the name a comedy special that has appeared on the Odyssey Channel, Family Net and the Worship Network. Allen is also featured on “The Apostles of Comedy” and “Bananas Comedy” series videos. He is a regular member of the Apostles of Comedy Tour. Allen has performed at a variety of venues, including comedy festivals, the National Prayer Breakfast, ships in the Persian Gulf and on the Indian Ocean, churches, nightclubs and corporate events.

Parenthood has never been this fun! Jeff Allen’s funny take on parenting is hands down the funniest thing to come along since Steve Martin. This is good, clean comedy and relationship humor, suitable for the entire family.

Jeff has a way of delivering humor that is ‘in your face’ funny. His stories are hilarious, and his comedic timing is impeccable. You will have a hard time holding back belly laughs as Jeff struts his way around the stage, sharing his funny family stories that have never been heard quite like this before.

Pull up your chair and get ready to roll with the punches as Jeff does his thing in his unique way. His performance is riveting, catchy and downright old fun. You will find yourself captivated by his hilarious parenting experiences; all told with that deadpan expression that is funny in itself.

Get ready to look at parenting in a whole new way after watching this performance. Go ahead – laugh at your kids antics, and laugh at yourself while you are at it. There’s nothing like good old-fashioned humor to put family life into perspective. Laugh your way through parenthood with Jeff Allen. If he cannot put a smile on your face, then no one can!

Comedian and inspirational speaker Jeff Allen has been all over the globe with his witty, clean and insightful brand of humor. Jeff speaks of a few concepts that illustrate the humorous side of Attention Defect Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. Jeff Allen focuses his clean and sharp comic wit on the joys and pitfalls of raising children. He takes on the subject of ADHD and delivers a hilarious commentary that is both respectful and uplifting. His story of his son’s first days at school will have parents laughing as they nod in agreement. The personal account from his childhood is a funny and insightful comparison. This skit is as thought-provoking as it is hysterical. Jeff Allen’s easygoing style and outrageous expressions offer up laughter with a message.

Experts claim that millions of children have been diagnosed with ADHD. Inspirational comedian, Jeff Allen, has two sons diagnosed with this condition. As any parent of an ADHD child, he has had to deal with behavior and education issues. Unlike many other parents, however, he approaches the topic in a down-to-earth, hysterical manner. In this clip, Allen admits he was a hyperactive child, shares some of his educational experiences and gives advice to educators on how to deal with a child diagnosed with ADHD today.

The father of three kids that often keep him and his wife occupied at all hours of the day; Jeff makes light of how the condition went entirely undiagnosed in recent generations, as well as the most aggressive tactics that many of his schoolmasters would use in an attempt to keep him in line.

TV personality, Dave Ramsey, says, “Jeff Allen has the best relationship humor out there!” With broad appeal to cross-generational audiences, Jeff’s comedy captures the humor in everyday family life and the trials and tribulations of relationships. Jeff has performed on every comedy cable network, including Comedy Central, Showtime, and HBO.

He has starred in projects with Castle Rock Television, First Look Studios, and Warner Brothers. He has performed his comedy at Presidential Inaugurals, Congressional galas, and for US troops on aircraft carriers and battleships in the Middle East. Jeff obliterates the lines between corporate comedians, inspirational speakers, and just plain hilarious!

If you are looking to hire an entertainer to make an appearance at your next event, Jeff Allen is an excellent choice. He has been entertaining the masses for many years with his relationship humor without embarrassing members of the crowd, which is the mark of a genuine verbal craftsman. Few entertainers and performers possess the versatility to perform at the bevy of different venues and environments that Jeff has performed, and he is anxious to impress and entertain you and your group at your next event. Allen’s comedy is sure to appeal to not only parents but to audience members in all stages of life as his family-friendly routines cover a vast array of topics.


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