Top 4 Reasons to Include a Funny Speaker on Your Virtual Event Checklist

Tim Clue

Written by Tim Grable

April 28, 2021

To maintain your virtual events fresh and gripping for audiences, you need to have something to boost their interest. We believe that entertainment is an ideal solution for situations like this to make your event more engaging.

Organizing a special entertainment segment as part of your event is sure to attract participants, make them more prone to engage in the event’s activities and maybe even participate in future editions.

To achieve these results, you will need the help of professional entertainers. With them at the helm, your virtual event is bound to strike a chord with the audience.

Be sure to continue reading because, in this article, we will show you a set of reasons why it is a great idea to go on and include a funny speaker on your virtual event checklist.

Retain Audience Attention

A comedy speaker can bring a degree of zaniness to the event to make the guests pay attention to what he has to say. Another good way in which the speaker can grab people’s attention is through the ability to tell captivating stories.

If you’re going along with the idea of working with a master storyteller, then we can wholeheartedly recommend working with John Davis. He is a funny speaker and a world-class comedian that knows how to maintain all eyes on him.

John has something exciting going on in his shows. He employs martial arts weapons as a medium to illustrate his points better and perform a wide variety of amazing tricks.

Funny Speaker Virtual Event Checklist

Works with the Audience

Virtual events don’t naturally provide the same focused and ‘in-the-moment experience as their live counterparts. For this, you will find yourself in situations where people will not be fully invested in the activities taking place more often.

Your virtual event checklist should include a performer whose act revolves around audience input and participation. Magician Ben Seidman perfectly fits this requirement.

His act is composed of a series of magic tricks that directly involve the audience. We won’t spoil anything, but his signature camera trick involves having the viewers an integral part of the whole experience.

Ideal at Hosting the Event

It has been a whole year since virtual events have seen wide adoption and much about them is still uncharted territory. Event organizers are still looking for ways to maximize the events’ potential and leverage the experience better.

However, since this isn’t an exact science, it’s understandable to have many questions and doubts when it comes to organizing and hosting one.

For this situation, you can hire a professional to help you with the entire hosting process.

A professional we can suggest working with is Tim Clue, who doubles as a motivational speaker and a very distinct kind of host.

Throughout the years, he’s earned the nickname of ”Unconventional Host” – due to his unusual approach to hosting, which involves compelling speeches, collaboration with the audience, and elements of stand-up comedy.


Comedy on Demand

A perk of getting a virtual performer for your event is that physical restrictions no longer apply. Your funny speaker can tune into your online event from almost anywhere around the world.

You no longer have to be conditioned to fly the speaker to the event’s location and even spend extra money on accommodation and fancy dinners. You’re going straight for the performance.

You don’t even have to worry about any setup to meet the speaker’s requirements – a professional speaker is already prepared with high-quality equipment and ready to jump into action.

Speaker Anthony Poponi is the professional we’d recommend for these kinds of situations. He has his studio equipment on the ready and can deliver a virtual performance on the fly.

Anthony Poponi

Upgrade Your Virtual Event Checklist

If you want to get the big laughs out of your guests and fructify the potential of your virtual event, you can reliably count on a funny speaker for the job.

At Grable Group, we work with event organizers to provide them with the best entertainment solutions – for both in-person and virtual events.

Be sure to call us at +1 615 283 0039, and let’s work together to make the best possible event experience out there!

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