Go out with a Bang with Ideas for VBS Family Night

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Written by Tim Grable

March 9, 2017

Go out with a Bang with Ideas for VBS Family Night Vacation Bible School should be an enjoyable, enriching, and memorable time for everyone involved, from the children to the volunteers and families too. While ideas for VBS family night at the end of the program can include several fun activities, there are always ways to make it even more exciting and extraordinary. Instead of just having games and songs, why not consider something different for family night this year? Book one of these talented and energetic performers for your church’s closing ceremony to ensure an entertaining night mixed with clean, good-quality fun and spiritual lessons. Whether they are doing comedy, music, puppets, magic, art or more, these performers will add an extra touch to your event while upholding Christian values as well. Watch the videos below to get good ideas for VBS family night. You should be able to find something you like.

 Ideas for VBS Family Night

Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason’s comedy is known to stand out among ordinary stand-up comedy routines by using ventriloquism and music to liven up his act. He provides fun for the whole family by using audience volunteers and having his puppets all sing together. Taylor’s wit and many talents are sure to keep viewers thoroughly entertained.

Steve McGranahan

Steve McGranahan teaches spiritual truths to his audience through accessible object lessons, such as with a simple deck of cards. He compares the King of Hearts card to Jesus, the King of his own heart, and the king’s sword to spiritual weapons that we encounter in life. His performance will entertain while also teaching important values.

Joshua Jordan

Joshua Jordan wows audiences with a unique combination of improv comedy and magic illusions, creating a fun and entertaining show with lots of hilarious unscripted moments. Whether he is performing card tricks, doing impressions or pulling crazy stunts onstage, Joshua keeps his audience amazed and amused at every moment with his numerous talents and witty personality.

Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo captivates his viewers by showcasing his unique talents as a sand artist. Sand art as Joe does it employs canvas, sand, light, music, and an artist who continually reshapes the sand into pictures that tell a story. Joe uses this creative skill to illustrate the creation story in a powerful and poignant way.

Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg is a talented and innovative comedian who puts on a show not quite like any other. Often known as a physical comedian, he incorporates many visuals into his shows, such as shadow puppets of various animals with the help of audience volunteers. Bob’s quirky humor and creative routine keep everyone entertained.


Air drums. Really. Tapping into people’s secret wish to be a drummer in a rock and roll band, repercussions play out a fantasy on stage and challenges people to join in. Hit the beat, let your arms flail, and perform with them to rock and roll hits.

Getting the right performer for a church show is crucial. A versatile artist that is able to win the crowd over and entertain based upon skill alone is the perfect choice for such an event. If you are looking for a clean performer, consider one of the family-friendly entertainment for church listed above. You’ll be glad you did.

With a week as fun and significant as Vacation Bible School, bringing in an exceptional performer is a great way for your church to finish the week off on a strong note with fun for the whole family. When you are looking for ideas for VBS family night, consider looking into one of these performers.

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