Great Comedians for a Church Couples Night Dinner

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Written by Tim Grable

March 2, 2017

Great Comedians for a Church Couples Night Dinner Life is meant to be enjoyed and laughed at. However, with the stresses of daily life, family and marriage, and also active church involvement, sometimes it is hard to find time to get away from it all and relax. That is why it is so important for many couples to be able to enjoy themselves for an evening at a special event like a church couples night dinner. For those planning these events, many activities could make the night enjoyable, but for a truly fun and memorable evening, something more special may be needed. For example, a talented and professional stand-up comedian can help couples let loose when they need to, especially one who pokes fun at marriage and family scenarios that couples can relate to. If you are planning a church couples night dinner and want to make it special for everyone, then consider booking one of these great comedians below.

Ideas for you Church Couples Night Dinner

Steve Geyer

Steve Geyer keeps people laughing all night long with his comical approach to couples. Also to delivering comedy of his own, he also plays interactive games with his audience and gets husbands and wives to talk about each other in humorous but good-natured ways. As his viewers attest, Steve’s routine brings fun for everyone.

Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow uses witty observations on life combined with a deadpan delivery to produce hilarious comedy. His routine covers a range of subjects, such as his family, marriage, and children and uses everyday stories that his audience can easily relate to. Daren’s comedy will provide quite a few laughs.

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen keeps everyone entertained using his bright wit and funny examples. He talks about the struggles of family life, such as the hassle of raising teenagers, with a sarcastic yet lighthearted tone that gets at the truth of the situation. Jeff’s routine will resonate with many couples and bring delight to many more.

Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg performs a unique routine by blending verbal stand-up comedy with other elements, such as music, visuals, and audience participation. Whether he is using other methods or merely speaking to his audience about everyday life happenings, Bob provides hilarious material. His widely varied routine is fun for the whole family.

Dana Daniels

Dana Daniels mixes comedy with stage magic in his one-of-a-kind performance. With the help of his assistant, Luigi the psychic parrot, he performs card tricks while also spouting off witty one-liners, keeping his whole audience amused. Whether you prefer to laugh out loud or be amazed, Dana’s act is one you should see.

Life does not have to be stressful, which is why there are great stand-up comedians available to help busy couples relax, refresh, and enjoy themselves together. If you are planning events and need something especially memorable for your church couples night dinner, book one of the above comedians and sit back as everyone enjoys the night.

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