Great Entertainment Ideas are Closer than You Think

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Written by Tim Grable

August 29, 2017

Great Entertainment Ideas are Closer than You ThinkYou’ve booked a venue, found a caterer, picked a theme, and tweaked the menu. Now comes the hard part – choosing the entertainment. What type of entertainment? What about content and language? Will everyone like it? Will the seniors like it? The questions run on until you just don’t know where to start. Don’t get overwhelmed, get focused. Yes, there are much entertainment acts out there, but that is a real thing. You have options. One thing you want to keep in mind is that a high quality, professional performance is ageless. Everyone loves a well crafted, enthusiastic performance. Here are a few great entertainment ideas that will ease your mind as you search for that perfect act.

The following performers continue to work at their art until it hums like a finely tuned machine. Entertaining audiences across the nation, these artists prove that everyone loves a great show and that great entertainment ideas are closer than you think.

5 Great Entertainment Ideas for Events

Taylor Mason - What Can Brown do for You? (UPS ventriloquist mask)

If funny and interactive entertainment are words on your wishlist, then look no further than Taylor Mason. Taylor’s interactive comedy routine turns audience members into dummies – in the best way. Using volunteers and wholesome antics, everyone gets to laugh and be a part of the show. Taylor will get the young and the young-at-heart cheering for more.

Ron Pearson - Comedy Promo

The best way to describe Ron Pearson – a one-man variety show. Ron has entertained the entire nation on several late night shows. Acrobatics, juggling, and comedy are just a few of the elements Ron brings to the stage. His high energy, non-stop performance includes the audience and brings the entire crowd to their feet.

Adam Trent - The Illusionists 2.0 Meet The Futurist

If you want to ‘shock and awe’ your guests, Adam Trent is the man for the job. This illusionist defies logic and the laws of physics right before your guests’ eyes. This high-tech stage performance will leave your guests thinking they’ve been to a Las Vegas show.

Thor Ramsey - Customer Service

Thor Ramsey is a very successful comedian and entertainer on the stage and behind his desk. He is high energy entertainment. When Thor Ramsey is performing humor for an audience, his facial expressions are always intriguing and entertaining.

Bob Stromberg: The Colonoscopy

Bob Stromberg is shown here showing off his knack for storytelling with a hilarious tale about his 50-year checkup. Bob is a clean comedian who performances are appropriate for all audiences. Whether your next event is a corporate function, outreach night, banquet or fundraiser, Bob can provide the entertainment you are looking for!

Joby Saad The Village Idiot | Character Comedian

A master of wild facial expressions and physical comedy, Joby Saad, is a comedian who brings laughs to all fans of clean comedy. As the founder of Village Entertainment company of Los Angeles, Joby is sometimes known (by choice) as the “village idiot.” His dumb guy humor has universal appeal and his audiences laugh both at, and with, him using physical humor to entertain audiences of all ages.

As you can see, there are great entertainment ideas out there. You just have to know where to look. The Grable Group proves that quality entertainment are within your reach.

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