Great Fundraiser Ideas: Host a Comedy Night (updated for 2020)

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Written by Tim Grable

October 20, 2017

Great Fundraiser Ideas: Host a Comedy Night Much of the beauty in comedy comes from it being an underappreciated, but poetic art. It is only aimed at achieving one goal – laughter. The honesty that courses through a comedian’s jokes is not found in other aspects of society. Comedy is a cathartic and therapeutic experience for audience members. This makes for the ideal environment to hold events. A live comedy performance is one of the great fundraiser ideas for any occasion or you could have a virtual comedy night. The best way to make people open their wallets for a good cause is by having them fall out of their chairs from laughter. That is exactly what you will get when we provide you with the funniest comedians to host your fundraiser. The performers pride themselves on being able to play to any audience. Our comedians will have your patrons in a great mood and a giving spirit.

Does Clean Comedy Even Exist Anymore?

The list of legendary comedians is a long one. George Carlin, Sam Kinnison, Lenny Bruce, Louis C.K., Dave Chappelle, Sarah Silverman, even Bob Saget, they are all fantastically funny people, but they all have another thing in common: they are not clean comedians , they love dirty humor. Foul language and blatantly sexual material abound in their work, and while it might leave the audience rolling in the aisles, sometimes it is nice to know there’s clean comedy out there that isn’t quite so raunchy.

Rather than relying on shock and awe or finding new ways to surprise people with their inappropriateness, these clean comedians rely on clever wordplay, common problems everyone faces now and then, and maybe just very lightly treading on a sacred cow now and then. They might not all get their comedy specials on late night cable with these acts, but these men and women are still out there, striving to make people laugh without making them feel totally filthy day after.

Clean Comedy Isn’t So Hard to Find These Days

When it comes down to it, a comedian’s job is to make people laugh by any means necessary, but it is refreshing to see some that choose not to go for the lowest common denominator. Clean comedians rely on delivery and charisma, choosing to twist words into knots and letting the silly parts of life bring on the humor rather than grabbing people by the wrist and nosediving into the mud.

Great Fundraiser Ideas to Raise Money

This comedian brings a mix of Gallagher and Jeff Dunham to the stage with his innovative ventriloquist act. Taylor Mason is bringing his talents to the stage and with help from a few friends. The veteran entertainer turns an old-style of high-quality entertainment into a reinvented, reworked, and remarkable original performance. This performer offers a variety of entertainment – ventriloquism, music, and comedy.

HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, BET Network, NBC and more! Comedian Anthony Griffith is a dedicated performer with a positive message. His career spans decades, and he does not plan on slowing down. Anthony Griffith has proven himself as one of the great fundraiser ideas for any fundraising event. His act is hilarious, and always deserving of standing ovations.

Scott Wood always shows why he is a crowd favorite. His clean comedy and impressions draw more laughs per minute from a crowd than any other comedian. He is making a name for himself as the new Rodney Dangerfield. His classic punchline delivery earned him the title “Mr. Punchline.” This unique brand of comedy is perfect for corporate events and special  programs. He is known for his work on ABC, CBS, and Comedy Central.

No one has mastered the art of snark quite like Jim Gaffigan. Rather than going too blue, his humor is observational, picking up the silly little foibles that people deal with from day to day and dryly mocking them. Down to earth and self-aware, he frequently ridicules his jokes during his performances, making his audience laugh all the more.

Overly exaggerated movements and funny voices mark the style of Comedian Ron Pearson. He excels at taking the everyday moments from his life and making them sound completely ridiculous. Without missing a beat, shifting from one topic to another, he pokes fun at school, family, science, and everything else under the sun, especially himself.

He is heavy, and he knows it, he loves self-deprecation, and while he might toe the line some, he never seems to cross it. He is Louie Anderson, a legendary comedian he had his cartoon that he used to make fun of his childhood. Since 1987, Louie has been making audiences roar with his sincerely-delivered punchlines and sarcastic wit.

Bob Stromberg may look like the quintessential dad, but he knows a lot more than just dad jokes. A master at telling a funny story, his pantomiming and exasperated expressions make his clean comedy just as much a visual treat as it is mental. Bob turns awkward situations that might get a chuckle from anyone else into side-splitting hilarity.

Squeaky-clean but still capable of making audiences smile, Michael Jr’s style of clean comedy is unique. Rather than relying on crudeness or making light of ridiculous situations, he brings a warm smile and happy laughter to audiences through inspirational, faith-based stories told sincerely while neither putting himself on a pedestal nor kicking the chair out from under him.

Humble, personable, and able to make anyone laugh with a funny look, Steve Harvey is not just that funny host from Family Feud. He tells his jokes loud and proud, emoting the whole time and always staying relatable. Steve Harvey does not hold back with his clean comedy, but he still manages to keep from getting into the dirty business, if only by a hair.

Jeff Allen has been around a long time, and he is spent that time learning how to perfect his craft. Influenced by the clean comedy of Jerry Seinfeld, he lets his stories go completely off the rails and exaggerates every aspect of his life to make people laugh, turning the grouchy curmudgeon routine into a total riot for everyone watching.

Everyone knows that a high-quality performer is the necessary to having a successful fundraising event. Making people laugh will put them in good spirits to give to your cause. Our agency provides some the best, and diverse comedic talent available. We can keep it clean with our unique selection of clean comedians. We promises to provide the great fundraiser ideas. We always have hysterical comedians to make your guests smile and laugh.

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