10 Great Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas for the Office

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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

The holiday season is just around the corner which means Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years parties in offices all over the nation. Unfortunately, for many employees that prospect only brings dread as plenty of these holiday parties are simply woefully dull.  You need the best Fun Corporate Holiday Party Ideas.

So if you are on the “party planning committee,” you owe it to your co-workers and indeed yourself to attempt to spice up the dreariness of the average corporate function with a little creativity. It is a splendid thing then that there are plenty of options that can do just that, bringing fun to holidays in the corporate office and making the parties actual celebrations. Comedy, in particular, is an excellent way to bring smiles to faces and joy to the holidays. Following are a few of the best entertainers you can consider for your fun corporate holiday party ideas.
Five Great Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas for the Office

Fun Corporate Holiday Party Ideas to help you Entertain

Holiday party entertainment ideas for the office should not just be limited to pizza and cake these days. Many companies or organizations opt for live entertainment to make the holiday even more memorable for their employees or members. A live entertainer provides an audience the opportunity to bond and share as a group. A live comedian enhances that even more. Once the laughs start flowing, the group certainly feels a bond developing. It will also give the group a chance to remember and look forward to every coming holiday party.

Below is a list of comedians and holiday party entertainment ideas for the office. Each entertainer brings a unique talent that would be a huge hit and provide more laughs than it is possible to count.

Amazing Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas for the Office

Bob Stromberg

Bob is a family oriented comedian whose self-deprecating brand of humor reels crowds in. Stromberg has a knack for improv but also makes his audience think about ordinary everyday life in a different way. He finds the humor in the simple things in life and keeps an audience mesmerized from start to end.

Paul Aldrich

Paul combines his love of music with comedy to provide his audiences with one hysterical performance. His routine can run from a parody to an original song. His rare combination of music and humor is outrageously funny. Aldrich has been featured at thousands of corporate events where his brand of entertainment has captivated audiences and created many new fans along the way.

Dennis Regan

Dennis started his comedy career in 1987 and has been making audiences laugh ever since. Regan has honed his material into a non-stop set that keeps people laughing from start to finish. Fans might recognize him from late-night television or even The King of Queens. Regan has appeared on David Letterman and Jay Leno several times. His sarcasm is just the right touch and prompts audiences to burst into laughter.

Henry Cho


Henry has compiled an incredible list of television appearances including NBC’s The Late Show, Comedy Central and CBS’s The Late, Late Show. Cho brings a set that blends his observations about life into one amazingly funny performance. Henry knows how to capture the attention of his audience and keep them in giggles.

Taylor Mason

Taylor combines music, ventriloquism, and comedy to get audiences rolling with laughs. Mason, a former winner of Star Search, is always in demand and typically performs 200 to 300 times a year. Taylor is a comedian who caters to his audience and knows how to hit any demographic.  Taylor Mason’s quick wit, flawless delivery & polished funny material make him a hit with audiences of all ages. He is a ventriloquist, musician & stand-up comedian. Clean enough for Disney. Smart enough for Microsoft. Funny enough for the Improv/Second City. Perfect Entertainment for your next special event.

Rik Roberts

Rik Roberts is known on the stand-up circuit as a clean comedian, but this is not to say that he does not vibrant and energetic pace to his shows. Roberts has been entertaining audiences for 20 years, working as a Keynote Speaker and comedian for organizations such as the Christian Comedy Association, National Speakers Association, AFTRA, and ASCAP.

Jeff Allen

A regular performer at corporate functions, Jeff Allen’s brand of comedy is like no other, bringing hilarious but clean gut-busting humor to captivated crowds across the country. Jeff Allen is known to make stars out of event planners for bringing such excitement to usually drab corporate parties and events.

Keith Alberstadt

You may have already seen Keith Alberstadt making David Letterman’s audience roll in laughter on The Late Night Show with his unique “inner dork” routine. He finds it particularly easy to grab laughs because he is so comfortable with making himself the butt of the joke — an admirable trait. Alberstadt is also popular overseas where he regularly performs for the American armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Adam Trent

If you are short on fun corporate holiday party ideas, Adam Trent is an attractive choice for any event with his inventive blend of comedy and magic. His motto is to make his illusions entertaining first and tricky second, his idea being that it is not enough just to make the audience wonder, but to also laugh uproariously and create long-lasting memories. He molded his performance style since he was only nine years old, and now he has been a feature on CBS and the Disney Channel.

DJ Drums

Outside of comedy, DJ Drums is one of the most highly rated acts around, bringing together a unique blend of a traditional DJ set and a live band performance. Theirs is a performance that thrives on an eclectic and infectious energy that is bound to liven up the room at any party or even.

With these entertainers, you have plenty of fun corporate holiday party ideas that can create memories that last far past the holiday season and bring together employees for years to come.

If the subject of holiday party entertainment ideas for the office comes up, Grable Group has it covered. A comedian can boost the humorous health of any party and bring it to life.

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