Comedians with Great Observational Humor Jokes

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Written by Tim Grable

March 25, 2017

Five Great Observational Humor Jokes If you are planning an event and looking for comedians to perform whose comedic style includes observational humor jokes, then look no further than these great comics. They go far above and beyond the standard fair where comedians are concerned. All of these acts have the experience and the know how to keep your audiences laughing and entertained with their incredibly hilarious observational humor. Each entertainer brings their variety of humor to the stage, and their skill has earned them numerous television appearances, specials, film roles, and first place positions in comedy competitions. If you chose one of the following comedians to entertain for your event, then there is no way you can choose wrong.

Comedians with Observational Humor Jokes

Keith Alberstadt is a comedian with over ten years of experience making people laugh all around the world. With his sarcastic southern charm, his comedy will draw every member of your audience in. As a contributing writer for both SNL’s Weekend Update and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Alberstadt has the entertainment experience to keep your audiences enthralled with his observational humor jokes.

Daren Streblow keeps the crowd laughing with his wry humor coupled with straight-faced delivery and uniquely comical and absurd perspectives on familiar topics. He hosts a successful radio show and has appeared in several comedy films. He is known for keeping his act clean, avoiding swearing and sexual matters, but instead focusing on the quirks and oddities that come up in everyday life and including an excellent dose of self-deprecating humor as well.  Finding the comedy in life’s experiences is a perfect synopsis of Daren Streblow’s comedic stylings. Streblow has fine-tuned his well-oiled act with experience entertaining for Universal Studios and Disney Cruise Lines. Streblow Comedy is well practiced and will please and appeal to audiences of all ages young and old.

Taylor Mason is well-known not merely for his observational comedy jokes but also for his use of puppets and music. He has been featured in several comedy films and shows and performed at a number of venues, including the Disney Cruise Line. When he is not using puppets, he talks about funny incidents from his life, work, and travel, observing awkward situations that come up and poking fun at himself as a comedian.  Taylor Mason has an act that defies all those who try and define it. Mason combines stand-up with tons of observational humor jokes, music, and ventriloquism. Mason’s energy and comedic know how earned him the first place spot on Star Search and he will make your audiences roar with laughter.

Carlos Oscar is a comedian who strives for an act that appeals to all ages. With a charming and energetic stage persona, Oscar will make your audience laugh with hilarious stories that everyone can relate to and his various characters and voices. With appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, HBO, and Comedy Central, Oscar has the experience to keep your crowds entertained.

With years of experience on television, not much needs to be said about comedian Sinbad. Sinbad has had his television show, “The Sinbad Show”, and has acted in movies such as “Jingle All the Way”, which Sinbad won an award for. Given Sinbad’s experience and notoriety in the industry, there is no doubt that your audience will love his comedic stylings.

Everyone knows that life can be funny sometimes. Life can even be awkward and downright unpleasant, but even those hard situations can still be laughed at and viewed in a way that makes them funny. That is what observational comedy is all about. Comedians who tell observational comedy jokes, like the clean comics listed below, tend to talk about ordinary situations from everyday life, but they do so in a way that highlights the quirks and absurdities of these events and with a witty delivery that transforms the mundane into the hilarious. From job woes to marriage and family disagreements to traveling and visiting new cities, the content of these comic routines is full of scenarios that audiences can easily relate to. Watching observational comedy cannot only entertain audiences and get a few laughs out of many people, but it can also help ordinary people to recognize the humor in their everyday lives as well.

Comedians Tell Observational Comedy Jokes

Anthony Griffith entertains audiences with his dry wit and casual delivery about experiences from his life. Originally from Chicago, he began doing stand-up comedy in college and has since had many appearances on TV and at venues throughout the country. He has the right life experiences to describe and knows just the right way to say things to keep audiences laughing throughout his entire performance.

Dennis Regan, the brother of well-known comedian Brian Regan, entertains with an enjoyable style of observational humor. Regan was also a writer for the sitcom The King of Queens for three years, in addition to his other appearances and comedic performances. Known as a clean comic, he recounts laughable scenarios that take place in day-to-day life, from restaurants to airports to marriage and everything in between.

All of these highly entertaining comedians are sure to be the perfect fit for your event and are guaranteed to keep your audiences laughing and entertained with their observational humor jokes. Given the skill and experience of each of these comedians, surely the only wrong choice to make would be to not chose one of these hilarious entertainers.

Sure, life can be hard sometimes, but these comics understand that life gets a lot easier when you can learn to laugh at it. A healthy dose of observational comedy jokes from their performances may be just what you need to see things from a different perspective and add a bit of laughter to your life.

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