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Comics Unleashed

Written by Tim Grable

February 27, 2017

 Comics Unleashed ComediansComics Unleashed is a half-hour comedy show featuring that puts the industry’s great comedians in a talk show environment. Like a cross between a stand-up routine and a traditional talk show, Comics Unleashed provides interviews that are guaranteed to be full of laughs instead of promotions. Comedians from this show are packed to the brim with hilarious material for all occasions. These four Comics Unleashed comedians provide top-notch observational comedy that anyone can relate to.

These comics offer insight on marriage, cultural differences, the woes of debt collectors, and there is some juggling, too. All of these Comics Unleashed comedians are sure to provide hilarious mass-appeal, and top-quality entertaining shows. Between personal anecdotes and amazing juggling acts, you cannot go wrong with any of these funny entertainers.

The Best Comics Unleashed Comedians

Jeff Allen

[vimeo 63650663]
Jeff Allen gets his audience laughing with hilarious anecdotes about his married life and the inevitable humor that comes from it. Recently appearing in the film Apostles of Comedy, Allen is known best for his hour-long comedy special Happy Wife, Happy Life. He has performed for our troops and is perfect for church and corporate events.

Carlos Oscar

[vimeo 44429625]
Universally hilarious and approved by the great Bill Cosby, Carlos Oscar possesses the gift of great storytelling. His stories about his Latino family are easy to relate to, uproariously funny, and great for the everybody. His energetic take on cultural differences and ability to change character is bound to please any audience, regardless of age or background.

Anthony Griffith


[vimeo 136912898]
He is married; he grew up in the inner city; he came from a very religious family, and now Anthony Griffith is out to entertain and educate audiences with his incredibly funny stories. You’ll be amazed at how darkly funny this comedian can be without being offensive. His characterizations and dark, but non-offensive and hilarious take on life make him the perfect comedian for corporate events.

Ron Pearson

[vimeo 106046648]
From breaking a world record for juggling at the age of 15, Ron Pearson has developed into a brilliant stand-up comic. In addition to his film appearances and TV hosting jobs, he has appeared on The Late Late Show, Chelsea Lately, and Comedy Central. As a successful warm-up artist, he is great for all audiences.

Comics Unleashed provides a unique environment for the very best comedians. When comics can turn an interview into a comedy routine, you know they are a great source of funny stories and terrific jokes. They provide invaluable and lively insight to the delicate issues of life that will put any crowd in a laugh riot. You can know that any Comics Unleashed Comedians  is sure to get the laughs you are looking for.

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