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guitar comedy Paul Aldrich

Written by Tim Grable

March 7, 2017

For over 25 years, comedian and musician Paul Aldrich has been entertaining audiences with his unique brand of clean comedy that is one hundred percent clean and refreshingly funny. From churches to theaters to comedy clubs, his humor appeals to a wide variety of audiences, both young and old. He is no slouch on the guitar either as he effortlessly blends his comedy with music. You will find yourself clapping and rocking out to his original songs full of his humorous observations, musical riffs, and of course, a few surprises.

Paul’s topics cover a broad range including religion, dyslexia, dating, and even therapy. He pokes fun without skewering, and his observations will make you think. In an era of insult comedy and monologs full of four letter words, Paul Aldrich is a refreshing change of pace, providing a night full of clean fun and laughs that is appropriate for the whole family.

Paul’s musical comedy has been seen on Showtime, The Improv, and on tour in a variety of venues across the US and overseas. In addition, Paul is a recording artist and has thirteen albums to his resume, including the award-winning project “Mock & Roll”.

Aldrich is a comedian and entertainer in the fullest and best sense of the word. Whether he is delivering a comic monolog or performing a hilarious song he composed, Paul always spreads sheer delight. He is warm, witty, and expressive; he is completely clean, and he can never stop being funny.

Paul Aldrich has some of the best guitar comedy

Indeed, music and comedy are two of the great loves of Paul’s life, and in his performances, they’re inextricably intertwined. His outstanding act has brought him to countless nightclubs, churches, auditoriums, and theaters over the past 25 years, in the United States and abroad. He is made numerous television appearances, too, and he has even been featured on Bananas Comedy. Moreover, Paul has recorded thirteen CD’s, among them “Meet Paul Aldrich,” a treasured and award-winning album.

Paul nurtured that sharp sense of humor and that irrepressible flair for music while growing up in Fresno, California. In addition to being a star basketball player in high school, he began accepting school and church gigs, wowing crowds with his virtuosity. Then, while majoring in music education at California State University, Fresno, Paul began serving as a leader in the Christian ministry group Young Life. In this role, he was charged with educating teenagers about the Bible through skits, songs, and other humorous material. Soon Paul realized he had an act — an original, honest-to-goodness comedy act. Moreover, so he began traveling America’s West, performing at youth conferences, retreats, and churches.

Before long, Paul not only had an act, he had something even more unique: a loyal following. He was in demand. People young and old were buying his music and clamoring to see this funny musician — or is it “musical funnyman?” — onstage and in person. Sure enough, he began circling the globe, and the rest is show-business history. Today, Paul lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife Kim, and he continues to travel widely to bring his unique comic sensibility to audiences everywhere.

Paul has created a clean comedy show appeals to people from all walks of life. Music infused with humor makes people laugh and sing along at the same time. His show is like no other. He uses his guitar as a musical instrument, a prop, and a partner as a comedian. He takes his audience on a wild and uproarious ride guided by his witty observations and musical talent.

Parody and Hilarity

This clip, featuring “A Dyslexic Love Song,” comes from a 2005 appearance by singer, songwriter and comedian Paul Aldrich on Thor Ramsey’s popular clean-comedy series, “Bananas.” It proves that the end is just the beginning and that a love story can be sweet and heartfelt even when told in reverse. Why? Y-H-T-A-K.

This particular tale of “’til death do us part” has the death at the start. It is not time travel. It is not a ghost story. It is dyslexia.

The song is representative of Aldrich’s signature style; he is genuinely funny with an emphasis on genuine. His comedy concerts are a mix of original material, like “Dyslexic Love Song,” and Weird Al style pop-music parodies, like “Stairway to Seven Eleven”. Paul’s comedy will set you laughing with a brand of humor that is funny. His ribbings are always good-natured, and his laugh lines never have a mean-spirited edge. Audiences tap their toes, and they do not mind if the children sing along because the jokes are as squeaky-clean as they are hilarious.

Never without his quick wit or his trusty guitar, Comedian Paul Aldrich is a versatile and multitalented entertainer whose refreshingly family-friendly fare is perfectly at home at a church retreat or charity banquet, and yet just as perfectly suited to more mainstream venues. He has appeared at the Spirit West Coast Christian music festival, on Showtime and at The Improv.

Aldrich knows guitar comedy and  that Christmastime is all about warmth and merriment. Traditions like families getting together for a fantastic Christmas meal create the brings the kind of happiness that comes once a year and Santa Calus.

There’s one truly creepy tradition that is haunted the holiday season for as long as everyone around today can remember – Santa Claus. Sure, soda commercials and massive budget movies paint St. Nick as a benevolent, loving guy. The unsettling fact is that the man has an all-seeing eye on our kids year round. Up in his isolated den at the North Pole, he is watching children around the world, just waiting for a slip up so he can add them to the dreaded Naughty list.

Then, each Christmas Eve, his disturbing behavior takes a turn for the worst. He flies around the world, no doubt thousands of times faster than any speed limit, to commit literally millions of first-degree burglaries in a single night. Sneaking into our homes, he steals sweets and leaves gifts he could only know to get because of that weird spying habit. The fact that the world is okay with Santa’s deviance is shocking.

Paul knows what the nuisance of the North Pole. He also knows what the famous old Christmas “You Better Watch Out (Santa Claus is Coming to Town)” was meant to sound like. Listen as Aldrich cleverly demonstrates the true nature of Kris Kringle’s activities in this funny comedy song.

Best Comedy – Paul Aldrich Mock n Roll

guitar comedy Paul Aldrich

Jokes do not have to be dirty or offensive to be funny. They also don’t even have to be spoken to a crowd. The comedy found on  Mock n Roll is funny and entertaining.

For a fun twist on traditional stand-up comedy, singer-songwriter comedians find humor in everyday experiences and write them into catchy tunes that bring audiences to tears, in a good way! Moreover, they are the perfect entertainment for special events.

Aldrich’s clean guitar comedy songs can address a variety of sometimes controversial issues in a non-threatening and playful manner, including political correctness, religion, dating, hippies, and yes, even mild learning disabilities:

1) Political Correctness and Over-Sensitivity in Today’s Political Climate:

Without passing judgment or making a political statement, clean musical comedians can poke fun at the over-thinking of the labels we put on each other in society.

Through songs like “Gilligan’s P.C. Island,” comedians remind the audience that maybe sometimes the solution to respecting our differences is not to make things more complicated than they need to be- it is to lighten up a bit and have good laughs together along the way.

2) Religion and Dating

As a volunteer Young Life leader, Paul Aldrich used humor, skits, and songs to help teach the stories of the Bible and their moral takeaways to teenagers across the entire United States.

While other comedians approach social differences in a mocking or a crass manner, clean musical comedians engage the audience so that every individual is in on the joke, regardless of race, religion or creed.

3) Overzealous Peaceniks:

Songs can be original, or parodies of popular Top 100 hits. While using original music has its upsides, musical parodies entertain audiences of all ages, and in some cases, engage the audience to sing along to the familiar melody.

It is easy for comedians to make mean jokes at the expense of somebody else. However, it takes real talent to create a musical comedy experience that allows people to laugh at themselves and celebrate their differences together in a feel-good and family friendly environment.

Paul Aldrich proves that guitar comedy can be clean and hilarious at the same time. Combining smart material with excellent comedic timing Pure Comedy is clean and side-splitting funny. The ability to send audiences of all ages into hysterics simply by playing a few notes on his guitar is a unique talent and one that he pulls off effortlessly.

For more information on booking clean comedians call 615-283-0039.

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