6 Top Entertainers You Can Rely on for High Quality Comedy (2020 edition)

Erick Känd

Written by Tim Grable

March 29, 2019

Have you ever wondered if your event was missing something? Perhaps it needs to be more entertaining, or maybe your guests would appreciate a bit more interaction.

In this case, we recommend hiring a professional entertainer to take care of your guests.

Making everyone smile is a skill not many can master.  That is why, often, the best performers are those that can connect with all types of audiences.  

If you’re on the lookout for top entertainers that can make everyone attending laugh, then you have come to the right place.

If this sounds interesting to you, then be sure to keep on reading, as, in the following article, we present you with 6 amazing comedians who will surely raise the level of entertainment to 11!  In the following article, we showcase some of the best entertainers that can deliver high quality comedy at all times. So you can be sure that the audience will enjoy every second of it.

1. Charles Peachock

You know a comedian is doing a fantastic job when even the hardest-to-please audience is having a great time. So that’s the best way to describe Charles Peachock.

Generally, you can say that Charles is a comedy juggler. However, that would be an understatement – because he always spices up his act, by adding new and exciting elements to his performance.

3 Top Entertainers You Can Rely on for High Quality Comedy

He quickly amps up the entertainment factor by raising the stakes – juggling with upwards of 6 objects at once. On different occasions, he even resorts to juggling knives, to shock an unsuspecting audience.

Charles’ show starts like any other juggling show. However, his sense of humor and outrageous juggling antics quickly turn it into something, unlike anything you’ve seen.

No matter what stage or audience he is given, Charles is always prepared to deliver comedy of the highest caliber. That is why he is the best pick for all types of events.

2. Arthur Fratelli

Arthur Fratelli can best be described as a Renaissance man of comedy. His act includes a wide variety of performances that range from public speaking, mentalism and stand-up comedy.

Arthur Fratelli

And the best part about it? Arthur’s diverse sense of humor works with any audience. From him, you can always expect high quality comedy.

For example, it’s not uncommon to see a hilarious and colloquial Arthur or a more sobered up Arthur, that cracks witty jokes which give the audience something to think about.

So, whether you’re interested in a more corporate-oriented performance or you want to put on a high-energy comedy event – hiring Arthur Fratelli is undoubtedly the best choice to make.

3. Dewayne Hill

In his youth, Dewayne Hill had an affinity for bodybuilding and fitness.  Also, his life’s story would have been drastically different if not for a moment of pure magic.

When he was a teen, he saw his substitute teacher perform card tricks, and this had a profound impact on Dewayne – sparking his interest in magic.

Dewayne Hill

Over the years, he would learn many intricate tricks, managing to land successful gigs, which eventually turned into TV appearances.

Magic is only half of his show. Dewayne is also an accomplished motivational speaker and a comedian, touching the hearts of everyone in the audience with his sincere, very relatable and incredibly funny short stories.

When you combine magic with high quality comedy and a powerful message, you can be sure the result will be a success. That is why, with Dewayne, you can always expect a show where everyone is guaranteed to have a blast.

4. Erick Känd

Erick Känd has been labeled as one of the funniest corporate entertainers out there. And believe us, he lives up to the hype through his unique style of comedy.

He combines clean and tasteful humor with hypnotism, giving his performance a fascinating twist. His show is very interactive, meaning people in the audience will get the chance to get involved in it.

6 Top Entertainers You Can Rely on for High Quality Comedy

Working with Erick is a boon for every event planner out there, as many of his previous clients have testified he was a pleasure to work with. This is all due to Erick’s flexibility, made to fit the client’s needs and requests.

Throughout his career, Erick has performed across the entire U.S., hypnotizing over 20, 000 people and offering incredible experiences to many, many more others!

5. John Branyan

John Branyan is a stand-up comedian from Kokomo, Indiana, with a very serious life goal – to educate and entertain audiences.

His combination of stand-up comedy and inspirational speaking is very effective, making people laugh while giving them something to think about.


He is very enthusiastic about contemporary topics and likes to joke about societal issues, such as technology and climate change.

And what makes him one of the most amazing comedians out there is the fact he can adapt his act to any situation. He is a very versatile comedian, being able to joke about pretty much any subject.

John can cater to the client’s demands and can deal with demanding audiences with ease.

6. Jeff Civillico

Bringing Jeff Civillico on stage is perhaps on the best decisions any event organizer could make. He is a born-entertainer, making use of a plethora of skills he has developed over the years to bring joy to the audience.

The best way to describe Jeff Civillico is to think of him as a comedian in action – being very versatile and having the ability to perform all sorts of audacious stunts.

His comedy show, appropriately titled “Comedy in Action,” has Jeff doing numerous activities on stage, such as – juggling, balancing, escapism, and sometimes all of them at once.

If you want your guests to leave the audience hall with a smile on their face, then Jeff Civillico is the most suited for the job!

The Benefits of Working with Amazing Comedians

If you want your event to offer your guests a unique experience, then you should consider working only with the best out there.

In this case, the amazing comedians we have showcased in this article have a proven track record of successful gigs. They know how to work an audience, and by the end of the show, you’ll see everyone is 100% engaged.

High Quality Comedy Guaranteed!

People undoubtedly enjoy seeing amazing performances. However, if you present them with top entertainers who add an extra element of comedy, then you’re guaranteed to hit the jackpot.

If you like what you’re reading, then why not consider working with them?  The performers featured in this article have what it takes to put on a fiery show. So, if you are interested in booking them for an upcoming event, then you can do so by calling us at 615 283 0039.

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