4 Hilarious Comedians from Dry Bar Comedy to Watch for a Good Laugh-In

Hilarious Comedians from Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

May 11, 2021

Most people have a special place in their hearts for people who can make them laugh. Whether it’s through funny puns, stories, or straightforward setups and punchlines, today’s most hilarious comedians can create a legacy like no other.

Read this article to get to know four such gifted comedians who are sure to tickle your funny bone.

1. Dylan Mandlsohn

Inspired by comedy greats such as Jim Carrey, Johnny Carson, and Rich Little, Dylan Mandlsohn is known for his hilarious facial expressions and his array of charismatic stand-up characters.

His always surprising “rubber face” is one thing that makes him one of the hilarious comedians working today!

Another thing you should know about Dylan is that he is the first Canadian comedian to be a back-to-back finalist at the reputable San Francisco and Seattle Comedy Competitions.

Check out the video below from Dry Bar Comedy to see him in action.

2. Andrew Sleighter

Andrew Sleighter first ventured into stand-up comedy, looking for the perfect funny line to open a biography. Since then, he’s developed a unique brand of humor that appeals to a wide array of audiences and works for various events.

Andrew’s laid-back style and clever writing have made him a hit with the audience – while also earning him considerable respect from his industry peers.

Check out the video below from Dry Bar Comedy starring Andrew Sleighter, and you’ll see why he deserves a spot among the hilarious comedians you can watch right now.

3. Scott Losse

A two-time semifinalist in the Seattle International Comedy Competition, Scott Losse is an incredibly versatile comedian. His stand-up aims at everything from married life to finances, hand tattoos, aging, and more.

Scott Losse is the right choice for everyone who enjoys intelligent, cutting comedy and self-deprecating humor.

Take a look at the clip from Dry Bar comedy below to watch Scott share his take on what happens when you’re too old for the young kids and too young for the old guys.

4. Bill Boronkay

Outspoken and frenetic but always in control, Bill Boronkay is a gifted comedian who can easily perform in almost any surroundings. From formal corporate events to church fundraisers and all the private parties one can think of, Bill has pretty much done it throughout his extensive career.

And every single time, he has delighted audiences with his clever, always relatable material and energetic stage persona.

Check out his funny bit about how having kids makes you older to get a better sense of his style as a comedian.

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