Stand-up Comedians: Hire A Comedian For Corporate Events

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Written by Tim Grable

August 30, 2022

Having an entertainment break for corporate events is highly recommended. It is a great way to give your guests levity from all the meetings and keynotes they’ve attended.

Stand Up Comedy is one of the most effective forms of entertainment, and it also fits quite seamlessly into the corporate event format. These are just a few reasons why we would happily recommend any event organizer hire a comedian and integrate a stand-up comedy gig within their event.

And to help you with this process, we’ll present you with our 4 candidates, which you can hire to perform at any of your upcoming events.

Robert G Lee

Robert G Lee is one of the industry’s most prolific entertainers. He has been working as a comedian since anyone can remember, starting with local comedy clubs and making his way to comedy festivals and high-profile corporate events.

Audiences might recognize him from popular TV shows, such as Wings and Perfect Strangers, or as a supporting cast from VH1’s Stand Up Spotlight, Comedy Express, and Comic Strip Live.

Robert’s style of comedy is very narrative-driven. His descriptive style and radio host voice make his shows pleasurable to watch. On stage, he will share stories with the audience in great detail.

Jeff Allen

If you’re looking to hire a comedian to hit a home run with the audience, we recommend working with Jeff Allen. He is a veteran comedian and industry legend. As of recent, he’s also a viral sensation on the internet, his stand-up shows garnering millions of views.

What makes Jeff such a success with the audiences? We believe it might be his personality and no-nonsense attitude. He is kind of like that cool uncle. You always want to hang around and hear what he has to say.

His broad appeal comes from his relatable life stories. All his comedy is autobiographical and centers around family, marriage, fatherhood, and general life experiences. Everyone has been through the same things Jeff jokes about, and it’s nice to find common ground in these experiences at corporate events.

Marty Simpson

Marty Simpson is a comedian powerhouse from South Carolina. Audiences appreciate him for his carefree and fun-loving attitude. Right from the get-go, as Marty goes up on stage, it lights up with positive energy.

His style of comedy is primarily observational, meaning that he draws inspiration from real-life occurrences. However, we say mostly because Marty takes his stories a step further. He sensationalizes the whole action for an added comedic effect.

Besides that, he is also the type of comedian to act out his stories. He will often make gestures or different voice impressions of the people he’s describing. Regardless of his performance, you can always expect a comical and high-energy performance from Marty at corporate events.

Mike Goodwin

If you ever wanted to hear both brainy and incredibly hilarious comedies, you could hire a comedian like Mike Goodwin.

He’s a new face on the comedy scene, with a refreshing take on comedy. As a performer, Mike is calm and collected; he doesn’t rush any of his jokes and instead likes to create build-up. He’s also a master of timing – constantly stalling out the punchline to give it more impact.

Mike’s demeanor and inclination toward witty topics come from his previous experience working as a teacher.

Last year, Mike made an appearance on America’s Got Talent, dressed in what would become his signature cardigan and bowtie. He was very well received by the audience and has come in very high demand since then.

The Best Place to Hire a Comedian for Corporate Events

No comedy show is complete without an expert comedian to front it. You’re bound to give the audience a good time with the right performer on stage.

At the Grable Group, we provide event organizers with top-of-the-line entertainment. To kickstart the booking process, we recommend calling at 615-283-0039, and we’ll be glad to assist you!

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