Why You Should Hire a Comedian to Host Your Virtual Event

Hire a Comedian Virtual Event Brian Fanzo

Written by Tim Grable

April 16, 2020

In recent times, virtual events have started to be embraced by both businesses and audiences alike. And with this recent adoption of the trend of virtual events come a set of challenges organizers have to face.

Generally, online events need to be tackled differently from in-person events. You will need the help of an experienced host who knows how to work an audience and to maintain their interest peaked.

We believe the right choice as a host for your virtual event is to hire a comedian as host.. And in this following article, we will present you with a few prime reasons why you should consider hiring a comedian for an online event.

Knows How to Work the Audience

A comedian is a natural when it comes to interacting with the audience.

It’s a part of the profession to be in front of crowds of people and years of on-stage shows make a comedian feel right at home in the middle of people’s attention.

Take Jeff Civillico, for example, who has been a Las Vegas headliner and corporate performer for most of his career. He has been at the front and center of the entertainment industry and has had shows for crowds of thousands.

Jeff’s extensive Television and On-Camera experience make him the perfect virtual host, but online viewers will be delighted by the fact he adds a lot of comedy and energy.

A professional host has gone from being a nice add-on feature for your in-person event, to an ESSENTIAL piece of your virtual event. Virtual meetings are going to be a little bumpy and potentially disjointed, especially in the short term. It’s going to be more difficult to get and keep attendees’ attention. You need someone who can pull all the event elements together to create a cohesive conference experience that is still engaging and impactful. You need a professional.

Give Them a Good Dose of Laughter

If you want to hire a comedian, undoubtedly, his greatest asset is the comedy he is prepared to deliver. People wouldn’t want to miss an event which will give them a good laugh.

Taylor Mason is the professional you will want to hire to keep people entertained throughout the entire virtual event. His performance is simple and straightforward – pure unadulterated comedy, which will make the audience laugh without pause.

Understands how to Engage the Audience

Marty Simpson is one of the Top Virtual Comedians in the world. His comedy shows are personalized to your organization. It is unique to each company and can also include your branding, goals, and mission. The Comedy show can also be customized to guarantee that no two events are the same. Most comedians can only entertain with a live audience. Marty Simpson is not a newbie. He uses Improv Comedy to engage your group and make everyone have a great time in a virtual setting. 

Sends the Right Message

Comedians are a great fit as virtual hosts, as their laid-back style hits the mark with the audience.

They are ideal for communicating important messages to the audience in a way that doesn’t seem forced or heavily scripted.

Amy McWhirter is the professional you would want to communicate your message. Her approach hits the mark with online viewers as she has a way of captivating the audience through simple language, energetic attitude, and lots of laughter.  Not only would you hire a comedian but also a Virtual Emcee Live Webcast Host

Thrives in a Virtual Environment

A good entertainer is undeterred even if there is no physical crowd. They can work with the audience through an online medium, by interacting with viewers through the comment section or even by having the viewers call in to ask some questions – giving the comedian ample material to work with.

For a futurist like Brian Fanzo, hosting a virtual event is where he feels at home. His passion for tech makes him the right candidate to put in front of thousands of viewers.

Why You Should Hire a Comedian to Host Your Virtual Event

Will Turn Your Viewers into Subscribers

Online events have a lower retention rate than in-person events. This is mostly because while on the internet, people will be more tempted to access other forms of media.

That unless you offer them a better alternative, a reason to stick around and remain attentive throughout the entire virtual event.

We can’t think of a professional better suited for this than Greg Schwem – a comedian who can infuse your event with top of the line humor.

His experience as both an entertainer and public speaker make him the right choice for a viewer base looking to have a good time and learn a thing or two in the process.

Are You Ready to Hire a Comedian?

We have barely scratched the surface on how a comedian can have an impact on an online audience and how beneficial it can be for your virtual event.

If you are determined to make the move and hire a emcee for your next virtual event, then we are here to help you!

At The Grable Group, we have a plethora of top industry performers who can be an excellent fit for all kinds of events. Call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will be glad to assist you!

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