Hire A Stand-Up Comedian For Your Next Event – 4 Options

Hire A Stand-Up Comedian mike goodwin

Written by Tim Grable

September 20, 2022

Part of an event’s appeal comes from the entertainment segment. Audiences will be thrilled to know that they can get the chance to relax and have a good laugh after a long day of formalities.

Because of this reason, it’s always a good idea to include an entertainment segment as part of your events. We recommend that you hire a stand-up comedian. They’re the most capable of delivering authentic fun to the audience.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 4 incredible comedians who can work wonders with the audience. Check them out!

1. Mike Goodwin

If you’re interested to hear comedy presented in a refined and sophisticated tone, then perhaps Mike Goodwin is the comedian you want to work with. He’s a former teacher and army vet from South Carolina. He had an affinity for comedy for most of his life.  He only recently decided to pursue it as a career.

Mike’s life experiences form the basis for how he approaches comedy. His experience as a teacher allows him to interact seamlessly with people and to present his gags in an almost instructive way.

His calm demeanor and witty take on modern culture make Mike stand out from other comedians. He often pokes fun at topics involving social media, family issues, and, more broadly, what it is like to grow up in modern-day America.

If you want to hire a stand-up comedian for your upcoming show, we wholeheartedly recommend comedian Mike Goodwin. His charisma and cultured take on comedy will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

2. Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. is an incredibly talented performer who combines comedy with gripping storytelling. He uses these two art forms to teach or inspire audiences with thought-provoking topics.

Michael has been hailed as a comedic thought leader. Audiences have praised him for his inspirational speeches and likable personality. Even though Michael’s material errs on a more serious note, he manages to present his ideas without sounding forced. Instead, he relays them in a way that captivates the audience’s attention.

He succeeds in this because of his commitment to the idea that comedy and education go hand in hand. People with a positive mindset are more likely to listen and be willing to talk about new ideas.

Suppose you want to hire a stand-up comedian who can amuse and educate an audience. In that case, Michael Jr. is an ideal candidate.

3. Horace Sanders

Hailed by many as an entertainment powerhouse, Horace Sanders is a comedian, event host, and motivational speaker. His charisma and general positive attitude make him an audience favorite.

Horace’s comedy material tackles topics that draw inspiration from day-to-day experiences, whether about family relationships, office work, or parenthood. His observational humor reaches far and wide and is bound to resonate with many audience members.

Through his comedy, Horace aims for the betterment of the audience. His goal is to find a balance between making people laugh and giving them a sense of fulfillment when you hire a stand-up comedian like him.

4. Lionel Harris, II

Lionel Harris II is a filmmaker and comedian from Virginia. Lionel has dipped his toes into many art forms throughout his career, from doing regular stand-up gigs to participating in comedy festivals. However, his most prolific work came from his foray into filmmaking.

As a filmmaker, Lionel produced sketch comedy shows, such as “30 Seconds of Black” and “Everybody Needs to Laugh.”

One of his more captivating projects is #Jokeaday, in which he wrote a daily joke for a year.

Due to his dedication and integral commitment to his craft, Lionel succeeded with these projects, sparking internet attention and demand for more of his material.

The Place to Hire a Stand-up Comedian

Stand-up comedy is entertainment in its purest form. With the help of capable comedians, you’ll be able to successfully engage the audience.

Are you committed to hiring one for your event? At The Grable Group, we specialize in providing entertainment solutions for event organizers – allowing you to get in contact with comedians from across the industry.

Call us at 615-283-0039, and let’s work together to provide your guests with an entertaining experience.

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