Why Should You Hire a Clean Stand Up Comedian for a Company Party

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Written by Tim Grable

March 6, 2017

Laughter unwinds people and brings them closer together. There’s no doubt about that.

That alone is reason enough to hire a clean stand up comedian to perform at your next company party. But it’s not by all means the only reason you should consider this type of entertainment.

Here are a few other major benefits you won’t be able to ignore:-–

A Clean Stand Up Comedian Is a Safe Option

You need to be careful and consider your options thoroughly if you want to hire just the right comedian.

Everybody likes to laugh, but nobody wants to be laughed at. A certain type of humor might offend some of your guests. Sexist or race-related jokes are not the right choice for a company party.

In this case, a clean stand up comedian is a reliable choice.

We recommend someone like Taylor Mason who masters the art of clean comedy. His witty humor will be much appreciated by any type of audience.

A Clean Stand-up Comedian Will Boost Productivity

You may be wondering how the two are connected.

Well, an entertainer who is specialized in corporate events will know how to lift up the spirits. Colleagues will spend a memorable evening together without feeling stiff or overwhelmed.

Why Should You Hire a Clean Stand Up Comedian for a Company Party

Sharing a positive experience will improve your employees’ work relationship. When people feel more confident working together as a team, productivity rises.

Promote Your Brand and Company Values

This is another big plus of corporate events. They’re a great mean to promote your business and create more brand awareness.

Give the comedian of your choice some basic knowledge about your company and future goals. A professional entertainer will craft a perfect show that touches on these topics.

It will be easier for your guests to see in which direction you want the company to go.

Here are some ideas you can put into action.

  • Invite some of your loyal customers and business partners. This will help you enhance your partnership with these people. An invitation to such an event is a big ‘Thank you’. Besides, it is also more pleasurable and original than giving discounts or promotional offers. It will help you connect with your clients in a natural, fun way.
  • Promote the event. Make it the talk of the day. Every employee in your organization should know when and what will happen. Share the event on your company’s social media channels. After the event, don’t forget to post some pictures and comments. Invite your employees to share their opinions.
  • Talk about your company’s services and values. A clean stand-up comedian can put together a customized show. Your company’s core values can be correlated with the entertainer’s program. This way, you can get your message across in a way that won’t seem assertive.

There are many benefits of having a clean stand-up comedian perform at your corporate party. Now that you better understand the advantages, you are fully equipped to make a smart choice when choosing the entertainment for your event.

If you’re looking for a clean comedian to set the right mood, we invite you to check out our portfolio.  

You’ll find plenty of talented performers who master the art of being a clean stand up comedian!

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