What are the Best Holiday Party Ideas? (updated for 2020)

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Written by Tim Grable

April 21, 2017

Five Unique Holiday Party Ideas for Companies Holiday parties can be some of the most important social gatherings of the year. It is crucial to have entertainment that is both unique and fresh, so it is no wonder that event planners are seeking out and hiring entertainers that can bring something more to the table than just the old, cliched song and dance.

Making the right choice in entertainment can make the difference between an awful party and an entirely unforgettable one. Any of the following five acts are sure to be the right choice and the kind of unique holiday party ideas you are looking for to entertain at your next event. No matter which one you pick or what audience you are planning on entertaining, one of these diverse and talented entertainers is sure to fit the bill and make your next holiday party a memorable one.

The Best Unique Christmas Party Ideas

Featured on “Penn & Teller: Fool Us”, Piff the Magic Dragon and his dog sidekick Mr. Piffles bring their outrageous costumes as well as laughs to the stage. He has performed in venues as big as the Sydney Opera house and had two sell-out seasons at London’s Soho Theatre. However, don’t let the outfit fool you; he does not do children’s parties!

Master juggler Jeff Civillico brings Las Vegas entertainment with high energy and audience interaction. With the boundless enthusiasm needed to perform his daily show on the Las Vegas strip, Civillico’s act is sure to be one of those unique holiday party ideas that will leave a lasting impression on any audience.

Grand prize winner of “Star Search”, Taylor Mason has created a hilarious act that combines ventriloquism, music, and comedy. Defying all definition. With an appeal to broad audiences, Mason’s act is ready to go for any event across the board — from corporate functions to children’s events — and will keep audiences roaring.

Known in his shows as The Futurist, illusionist Adam Trent strives to present a magic act that is both fresh and on the cutting edge of technology. Teleporting around stage and cloning himself with LED screens typically seen at live music concerts makes for a cutting edge magic show with the bonus of comedy and dance.

Bring the art of live painting to your event with Heidi Schwartz. Over several hours, Schwartz will create a painting that captures the nuances of your event, and the people gathered there. Audiences will love to see and be engaged by Schwartz’s artistic process live and in-person.

These entertainers and their acts are the unique Christmas party ideas that you have been looking for to entertain at your upcoming holiday event. Their acts are ready to go and are sure to make your holiday parties nothing short of unforgettable.

Holiday parties need something extra to make them enjoyable and entertaining. Live cover bands and DJs are not always appropriate for Company Christmas Parties. However, funny comedians go over well in mixed crowds; everyone loves to laugh. A clean comedian is the best option for someone who wants to make their Holiday party special but does not have the space or resources to support musical entertainment. A comedian’s act always feels personal. He can read the energy in the room and adjust his routine to appeal to the audience in front of him. This dynamic is especially appreciated at a holiday party, where people are bound to be feeling a bit sentimental. The best stand-up comedy is based on universal experiences. Almost everyone knows what it is like to be a child on Christmas morning. A comedian who taps into those feelings increases the excitement and sense of togetherness that are present at a holiday party. Any of the following comedians would be great choices for a company Christmas Party.

Holiday Party Ideas for your Corporate Christmas Party

Paul Aldrich incorporates music into his comedy act. He plays acoustic guitar to augment his jokes. One of his most popular holiday-themed bits is a take-down of popular holiday songs, which he performs in amusing ways. He highlights how odd some of the most popular holiday traditions really are. When you need Christmas party ideas for work, the comedy of Paul Aldrich is a great choice.

Daren Streblow is another clean comic with a youthful streak. He routinely performs alongside bands at music festivals. He wastes no time getting to his punchlines, so party guests never stop feeling like they are being entertained. He learned how to captivate audiences during his days as a radio show host.

Scott Wood is a family-friendly standup comedian whose edgy delivery keeps his clean jokes and impressions from sounding juvenile or trite. He has an acerbic wit, and he finds humor in common everyday situations. Wood has been honing his stage presence for over 20 years as a working television and film actor.

Anthony Griffith’s humor has an urban edge, but it always delivers a positive message. He has performed on late-night talk shows and premium cable comedy specials. He won an Emmy for his work on the television film Our Father. He regularly goes on comedy tours across the country.

Bob Stromberg is famous for his shadow puppet humor. He uses participants from the audience in his act. He presents his shadow puppets within loose narrative frameworks. Most of his shadow puppets are animals, though he does use his own profile during his narration. He creates shadows by standing in between a bright spotlight and a white circular screen. Stromberg should be part of your fun list of Christmas party ideas.

Keith Alberstadt is an excellent choice for work holiday party ideas. His style of comedy is straight forward and bold. Using his real life experiences as the butt of his jokes, he delivers his comedy in a direct and practical manner. His cynical look at his life is funny and highly relatable to all party goers, especially the young and single members. His gruff outward manner is undermined by the soft and sensitive observations and personal hurdles. Allowing the audience into his world, Keith can relate to the audience in a real way.

Eric Dittleman is no stranger to performing on stage. He has made appearances on television shows such as ELLEN, America’s Got Talent, and he has been reported on by the likes of Fox News. His incredible capabilities as a former magician turned mind reader put him in a category by himself. His ability to predict the outcome of an interaction with the audience is mind blowing. When it comes to top Christmas party ideas, Eric Dittleman will leave the audience entertained and in awe.

There is no need to spend time searching for the greatest work holiday party ideas any longer. These incredibly talented live stage performers are the perfect solution to any gathering in need of high-quality entertainment. Hiring one of these veterans of the entertaining world will ensure that your event delivers the smiles and memories that event goers will remember for years.

All of these comedians specialize in clean humor that is suitable for people of all ages and are the perfect holiday party ideas. They do not touch on provocative or inappropriate content. These considerations are important when one is trying to provide entertainment that is suitable for a large amount of people. Comedy keeps spirits light and maintains a celebratory atmosphere. Hiring a comedian for a Christmas party makes the event extra special and guarantees that everyone will have a good time.

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