How to Leverage the Power of Humor for More Engaging Corporate Events

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Written by Tim Grable

April 4, 2018

From a corporate event planner’s point of view, humor is a kind of go-to entertainment choice because most of the time it helps create the most engaging corporate events.

However, besides the fun it brings to small and large gatherings alike, humor can be used to serve other purposes for a company.

So in this article, we are going to outline a few of them.

Enhance Productivity

Engaging corporate events present a unique ability to create the perfect background for networking and unwinding.

Moreover, if there is something an event organizer can do to provide a good time for their guests, it is having a comedian perform at the event.

Now, you may be asking yourself “What do comedians have to do with productivity?”

If we take into consideration the many benefits of laughter, we have to say it can be an excellent vehicle for conveying information in an effective manner.

How to Leverage Humor for More Engaging Corporate Events

Which further means stand-up comedians can become your partners in building a better company culture. They know how to channel the good vibes and then command attention to deliver either a meaningful message or keynote content.

As a matter of fact, some comedians blend comedy with corporate insights. Here are two examples:

  • Rik Roberts – a master of clean comedy shows and productivity keynote talks
  • Vickie Sokol Evans – empowering productivity trainer with fantastic comedy skills, as well.

Strengthen the Bonds

Humor at engaging corporate events can also be leveraged to serve as a prop to your human resources department.

During a stand-up comedy act, the performer can talk about loyalty, time management, interpersonal relationships at work (and other similar topics) without guests having the impression they are given a lecture.

The key is to invite a relatable speaker, someone who has been through it all and knows the ins-and-outs of corporate life, as well as actual solutions to how teams can blend in and work in tune.

To give you an idea of how this concept works, it is best if you look up what these speakers do:

  • Tim Clue – a specialist in making teambuilding talks seem like a breezy, carefree stand-up performance
  • Raspyni Brothers – the duo who lead by example: using juggling and hilarious discourse to demonstrate teambuilding concepts
  • Carl Hurley – the education Ph.D. who is a star at any corporate convention.

Humor Is the Secret to Well-Rounded, Engaging Corporate Events

By ‘well-rounded’ we mean ‘having a natural flow,’ and ‘flow’ is often generated by a balanced distribution of acts.

The technical talks can be demanding, so you need to think of a way of helping participants keep their focus and not check out during the process.

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This is where you can leverage humor: you place the comedy acts in-between the information-packed ones.

It is All for Your Gain

Leveraging humor at your corporate events can give you a secret upper hand regarding company culture.

You can play with the idea of humor gigs and organize frequent corporate events where you can invite keynote speakers on tech, growth, business development; the key is to look for those professionals who do not rely only on technicalities but on humor, as well.

We provided a few suggestions above, but if you are willing to explore, you can access the full list of corporate speakers and try to see who fulfills the perfect profile you envision for your events.

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