How Soprano Boy Bobby Hill Conveys New Tones to Your Charity Event

Written by Tim Grable

October 25, 2017


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At least once in a while, most of us come across prodigy children who leave us speechless with their talent. At 15, Robert Wesley “Bobby” Hill is one of them, continually surprising and inspiring audiences with his upper range soprano voice.

To say a charity event needs a big act to convey a message, would be quite obvious. To claim that act is precisely in Bobby Hill’s power to deliver, would require further details.

Can you leave your event’s success in the hands of a teenage vocalist?

We would answer with a definite “yes,” as Bobby is neither your typical vocalist nor your typical teenager. In the following lines, you will discover why.

Meet Robert Wesley “Bobby” Hill for Your Charity Event

A Philadelphia-born 15-year old, Bobby found his talent early on. Alternatively, rather his parents did, by enrolling him into the church choir at three years old.

Having been practicing gospel opera since then, he was prepared to take the stage in front of Pope Francis and deliver a heartfelt rendition of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Pie Jesu” in September 2015. It happened at the World Meeting of Families Festival in Philadelphia.

Bobby Hill of Keystone Boys Choir with Pope Francis

Just from this clip, you can already single out the qualities which would turn your charity event into a meaningful experience:

  • acapella vocals
  • control over the high register, as well as over the lower one
  • perfect pitch
  • instant attention-grabber
  • a sound which has spiritual undertones.

The Keystone State Boychoir longtime member also opened for the Philadelphia Democratic National Convention.

Bobby Hill: "National Anthem"

Well-articulated and mature about his approach to performance, this young man has traveled the world, recorded an album and worked with industry professionals.

An Already Accomplished Artist

Among Bobby’s accomplishments, we can count a CD called “A Bobby Hill Christmas: My Best for Him,” recorded alongside the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

How Soprano Boy Bobby Hill Conveys New Tones to Your Charity Event

Mind you, it sold out in two hours, so it is in high demand.

Moreover, what better proof that Billy is a great fit for your charity event than the fact he is involved in charity work himself?

Throughout his charity called Ending Artlessness, Bobby is striving to raise money to equip 15 Philly schools for music programs. He is also a music teacher to the kids in those schools.

As you can see, Billy does not limit himself to opera halls or beautiful venues.

He strives to bring music to as many places as possible – including jails. That is right; he went to a women’s prison to deliver a compelling performance alongside the choir. This is a solid proof of his dedication to music and a testimony to his generosity.

Being aware of the transformative power of his voice, he understands people need to be inspired by powerful vocals.

At a charity event, you can hire almost any kind of musical performer, and you will most likely get a warm atmosphere. However, you can get even more impactful if you consider an acapella act – the kind of performance Bobby Hill excels at.

If you are in for a fruitful collaboration with an inspiring performer, don’t hesitate in booking him early. Fill in the contact form and make sure you follow our posts to find several other artists of Bobby Hill’s caliber.

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