How to Choose a Comedian for Your Corporate Event

How to Choose a Comedian for Your Corporate Event (1)

Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

How do you solve the entertainment issue? Simple. Choose a comedian. What are we talking about?

We are talking about your next social evening. Being an event planner is a hard job. You need to plan a great, unforgettable event while having much responsibility on your shoulders. You need to concern yourself with the food, the venue, the drinks and, most importantly, the entertainment.

We know that all of this can represent a challenge. You are constantly under pressure because everyone needs to relax and enjoy your event. Here are some useful tips on how to choose the right entertainment for the evening.

It Needs to Be Truly Funny

Why? Because, of course, people need to laugh. Why is laughter so important?

First of all, it relaxes the body and the mind. Laughter increases a human’s immunity, protects the heart and triggers the release of healthy, much-needed hormones into our systems. Besides the physical advantages, laughter also breaks the ice and leads to happy employees.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get some productive partnerships out of this. So hire a comedian who can make people laugh. Remember that it is important to have a balance between work and pleasure, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Choose a Comedian Who Can Engage the Audience

How can comedians do that? First of all, they need to maintain a fun atmosphere, based on informality and camaraderie. Maybe initiate a dialog with the audience, engage them in the act. This should allow everyone to relax, which is what they were looking for in the first place.

A clean, lively, intelligent performance is always more welcome than a boring speech from an executive or a PowerPoint presentation. Things would get better if they could incorporate specific details regarding the company in the material. It would not only be funnier, but it would also give a sense of familiarity to the whole performance.

A good example to be taken into consideration is Bob Stromberg. With a tasty humor, incredible variety, and solid recommendations, Bob is a great entertainer who brings something new to every performance. He is bound to make your event one that will be remembered for years.

You Need to Base Your Decision on Variety and Quality

This means that you should only look for tested talent. Search online for good references, maybe even try it yourself first. Look for clips on YouTube, check their LinkedIn profiles and ask for reviews from friends or acquaintances.

You should choose a comedian by narrowing down your search only between top caliber acts. These are more likely to be enjoyed by the audience and can easily be modified to your needs.

How to Choose a Comedian for Your Corporate Event (1)

Rely on an Entertainment Agency

The agency will help you sort through various performances with different materials for different audiences. The sorting process can depend on price range, location, and availability. This will help you avoid the Twilight Zone of comedians so your chances of making a bad call are near zero.

Furthermore, a professional entertainment company can help you select dynamic acts, which can include music, singing or even a little bit of magic. Also, you will be able to work with comedians who will be willing to create relevant material for your business. So don’t hesitate to make suggestions about topics or experiences within the company!

All in all, with the support and assistance of an entertainment company, it will be much easier for you to choose a comedian.

Do you want a fun and entertaining night? We work with Unique Entertainment OptionsExcellent and Unique Entertainment Options for Events

Planning an event can be tricky at times. Also to coordinating schedules and making sure everything runs smoothly, you’ve got to keep somehow everyone happy and thoroughly entertained. While there are many different possibilities for event entertainment, sometimes it takes something extra special, like unique entertainment options, to create a truly memorable event and help each one of the guests to have an enjoyable time.

If you are the one planning such an event, then why not consider booking a professional entertainer to help everyone laugh and let loose? The performers below are excellent options to choose from. Each one is an experienced and professional artist with unique talents ranging from comedy to magic and art, and they are used to making people laugh and keeping audiences amazed. Next time you have a special event to plan for, consider booking one of these unique entertainment options.

5 Unique Entertainment Options

Piff the Magic Dragon provides a unique combination of comedy and stage magic that equals a very original performance. Piff breathes fire, performs card tricks, and hits it off with audience volunteers all while spouting witty jokes along the way. Whether you prefer laughter or visual stunts, Piff’s act has something special for everyone.  See Piff on Season 10 of America’s Got Talent.

Joe Castillo uses his incredible talents as a sand artist to present a breathtaking performance to his audience. By shifting around sand on canvas, Joe creates a succession of images that tell a story and evoke a strong sense of beauty and passion from whoever sees them. Joe’s unique act is sure to captivate a crowd.

Bob Stromberg is a hilarious comedian who incorporates some special elements into his routine, from music to shadow puppets and other visual effects. No matter what he is doing, Bob’s many talents and quirky wit do not fail to entertain. His widely varied act has something to keep everyone amused and entertained.

Bob Cates performs a captivating routine with a variety of elements, blending juggling and magic tricks with witty comedy. Bob wows his audience with stunning visual feats and mind-boggling illusions while also equipping hilarious lines and maintaining a good sense of humor. Bob’s one-of-a-kind act is one you will not want to miss.

Simon Pierro is a modernized magician, using an ordinary Apple iPad to perform incredible tracks. During his appearance on Ellen DeGeneres, Simon baffles his audience with impossible feats, such as taking physical objects from the screen of the iPad and putting them back in. His unparalleled talents will amaze viewers and keep everyone guessing.

Planning events can be tricky, but it does not have to be. In fact, it should be fun! Instead of stressing about just the right thing to do, consider booking one of these unique entertainment options, masters of magic, mirth, and more, for your special occasion. The results will not disappoint.

Also, if you need further information on the topic, follow our blog for more relevant news!

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